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Lose 10 Pounds in Two Weeks With David’s Way

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February has arrived and with it comes the increasing rate of dieters who are abandoning their goals. They went at it hard for the first two or three weeks of January, but then found out that going to the gym is hard work. In addition to that, the diet plan they followed for those few weeks turned out to not be as good as they had believed it would be. However, if you follow David’s Way, we will give you a money back guarantee if you can not achieve your weight loss objectives.

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Yes, if you follow our free plan to the letter and cannot lose ten pounds in two weeks we will give you a one hundred percent refund of your cash!

Would you believe that bogus diet products and programs rank No. 1 among health care scams reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). And many of them hook suckers by making big promises of weight loss in short amounts of time. However, there is some truth in that closely following their bogus plans and schemes that you can lose up to ten pounds in two weeks. The truth is, no matter the diet plan, everyone should be able to lose ten pounds in two weeks. There is nothing magical about losing those pounds, but you need to know that most of that weight is  more from water weight that you are retaining than from body fat. And this is true even if you are losing weight by following us here at David’s Way to Health and Fitness.

You really need to watch marketers and creators of  websites that look like those of legitimate magazines and news organizations. These scammers present phony articles claiming celebrities have achieved amazing results from various diet pills, diet programs, and/or herbal supplements. Yes, if you cut back on your caloric intake and carbohydrates, you will notice the appearance of meaningful weight loss. But you should not be in too much of a hurry to fork over more money to these hucksters, they know full well their scheme is not going to last too long with you. However, they also know that there is some other desperate soul right behind you ready to waste the money too.

When it comes to weight loss, you have to play the long game and make a meaningful change to your lifestyle and then stick to it. By falling victim to the snake oil salesmen, you are playing the short game of weight management and have already lost the game. Healthy weight loss does not come quick when it comes to actually losing body fat rather than water retention.

Don’t Play the Fools Game with Your Weight!

These swindlers do not just peddle disappointment to vulnerable people who are desperate to lose weight. Some of their products actually pose health risks from harmful hidden ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug   (FDA) has discovered that numerous weight-loss products contain drugs such as sibutramine, a controlled substance that was removed from the market because it can significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate which thereby raises your risk of heart attack and stroke. Is quick weight loss worth that?

Do you recall ever hearing of the weight loss product called Sensa? Sensa was some type of granules that you were supposed to sprinkle on your food to make you feel full faster. It was “guaranteed” to help you lose 30 pounds without dieting. Cost: $60 a month plus shipping. Sadly, millions of Americans lost money on this scam.

The research behind this scam turned out to be pretty worthless. It failed to meet even the most basic standards of scientific studies.  Even worse, some of the weight loss data was actually fabricated. Customers appearing in ads claiming they lost weight with Sensa were paid up to $5,000 for their testimonials. The lesson here is to not believe everything you see or read about.

 Every year there’s a new cream, pill, drink or fad diet that promises spectacular weight loss results. Consumers who want to get in shape or lose weight are at risk of being deceived by products that do not work as advertised or come with a host of unwanted side effects.

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Don’t Be a Sucker!

Weight loss scams are always the top ripoff scheme of each new year, as many people order pills and supplements advertised on social media. People see detox teas, pills, exercise equipment to lose weight, and they sign up so they can lose their weight quickly.

While gyms may not be “scams” in the true sense of the word, gym contracts often turn out to be too good to be true. A typical gym ripoff is a low cost monthly fee that soon doubles or triples, and then automatically renews whether you are still using the facilities or not. The desire to get in shape or lose weight fast will always create a risk of being deceived by products or services that do not work as advertised.

At David’s Way to Health and Fitness, we do not promise you quick weight loss, although you will probably lose close to ten pounds in the first two weeks simply by dropping sugar and foods with added sugars from your nutritional habits. This alone will cause your first ten pounds of weight loss to come quickly because carbohydrates cause the body to store extra water. When we eat carbs, the energy that we do not use right away is stored as glycogen molecules. Each gram (g) of glycogen comes with 3 g of water attached.

Cutting down on carbs is a quick way to use up the glycogen stores, which means that the water weight will also be reduced. But the focus needs to be on decreasing your body fat percentage instead of focusing on your actual weight. A healthy body fat percentage should always be your main goal.

At David’s Way, we can always guarantee you a 100% refund if you do not reach your goals. We can do this because we have never, nor will we ever charge you a single fee for following our website to learn how to lose weight in a healthy manner.


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