Polaner Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam Review

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I like Polaner brand spreadable fruits. In fact, if were not for the added sugar content of their Blackberry spread, I would still be eating it. But since I do not consume sugar anymore, I am always on the prowl for good sugar free options. When I found Polaner’s Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam, I was excited to try it.

Since I was a child I have always loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For jelly, you can hardly beat a good Concord Grape jelly to compliment your peanut butter. Therefore, it did not take me long to make a sandwich after unpacking our groceries the day we found this. Upon opening the jar, the jam looked pretty much like any other jam I have purchased over the years. It spread over the thick layer of peanut butter on the bread nicely – but if I am going to be honest with you – the taste was really underwhelming for Concord Grape. It is not that it does not taste decent enough – I am going to finish the jar – but the taste was too artificial for a grape jam. It was not very tart, and to me the flavor bordered somewhere between grape jelly and a grape flavored lollipop. Nevertheless, as I say with every food product review, taste is very subjective to each individual and you may love this product.


I am going to go out on the proverbial limb here and guess that after looking at the ingredients list, the flavor of this sugar free jam is self explanatory. Concord grape puree is fourth in the list, and who knows how the percentages of each ingredient figure into a total sum…

Photo from https://polanerspreads.com/product/sugar-free-concord-grape-jam-with-fiber/

If we study the flavor, the ingredients, and then this nutrition label which shows there is really no nutritional value at all, is it any wonder the flavor is also found to be lacking? At only ten calories per serving, this product is not going to affect your daily caloric intake significantly, nor will it have any effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. As I said, you may enjoy this product. As for me, I doubt I will buy this flavor again, but I am interested in trying their sugar free blackberry preserves. Maybe it will actually have a little more tartness to it, and hopefully taste as if blackberries were actually used as a part of the ingredients.

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