A Touching Video from Edeka Zutz

This is a first for us here at David’s Way to Health and Fitness, we have never shared a video from another source separate from us. But upon seeing this video produced by the German grocer Edeka Zutz, Brenda Sue and I felt strongly that we needed to share it with a wider audience since the message resonates so well with what we do in helping people with healthy weight loss and why. The ending of this short clip sums our purpose up in its entirety. Please watch and enjoy this video, it is very touching at the end.

Link to Video

This video is owned by Edeka Zutz, no copyright infringements are intended. We receive no royalties, nor do we receive any profit by sharing this.

Please share this video with others, the message brings about a heartfelt joy at the end. Brenda Sue said it made her shed a few tears each time she watched it.

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