Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt Review

photo by Brenda Sue

Lower Calorie Goldmine!

Greek yogurt has so many health benefits! It’s higher in protein and lower in carbs than regular yogurt. Many people have trouble getting enough protein and this yogurt packs 17 grams for only 120 calories of creamy goodness. David and I both sometimes eat yogurt after a workout to promote muscle growth due to the high protein content. Greek yogurt is also rich in B12 which is essential to a healthy body. It plays a vital role in red blood cell formation, energy and the function of the nervous system. It is rich in the minerals needed for healthy bones and may decrease the risk of osteoporosis. (1) When you buy a variety that contains live cultures, it’s really good for the gut. In recent years we have come to realize the importance of gut health. It impacts our health throughout our bodies.

photo by Brenda Sue

Creamy Perfection

Years ago, David and I were part of a weight loss group that advocated eating fat-free Greek yogurt. They were so enthralled with that stuff that they perpetuated the idea that you could eat as much as you wanted without counting the calories. While that’s just absurd, they weren’t too far off because fat-free Greek yogurt is barely palatable. Most people aren’t going to eat too much of that watery, sour concoction. It’s always necessary to keep an accurate record of what you eat, but very few people will ruin their diet with fat-free Greek yogurt.

We decided that we would eat full-fat Greek yogurt and just count the calories. While it’s much higher in calories, the health benefits of Greek yogurt warranted eating one that we liked enough to include it in our daily nutrition. One of my favorites is Fage 5%. It’s thick, creamy and has a smooth neutral taste that is an ideal base for any flavor palate that you choose. One of our favorites is Orange Dreamsicle. We add Tang Liquid Soft Drink Mix, Confectioner’s Swerve and vanilla extract and enjoy!

While the 5% is wonderful, it has 160 calories for a 3/4 cup serving. Most people will eat a full cup which is about 210 calories. This Fage 2% is a real find in that it has the rich, creamy, neutral flavor like the 5% but only 120 calories! While that may seem insignificant, that small 40 calories difference can make you gain or lose over 4 pounds in a year. If you eat more than that 3/4 cup serving, then it’ can easily be 5 or more pounds. In 5 years, that one small change can make a 25 pound difference in your weight. With that in mind, I believe it’s a good thing to seek out lower calorie options for as many of the foods that we eat as possible. The one necessary item where this is concerned however, is to find lower calorie options that we like. They should be something that we look forward to eating on a regular basis or we will just keep eating various foods until we feel satisfied. This 2% Fage Greek Yogurt is just that kind of food. I have heard it said that new lower calorie substitutes for higher calorie foods should be at least 80% as good. This yogurt surpasses that goal. I really can’t tell any difference between the 2% and the 5% yogurt.

This yogurt is readily available at Walmart for $5.38 for a 32 ounce tub. That’s about 5 servings. It’s a cheap, healthy, tasty snack that you can look forward to anytime of the day or night. Add toppings and/or flavorings of your choice, (just add those calories to your food diary!) and get satisfied for a couple of hours. There’s enough protein, fat and creamy volume in a serving of this yogurt to stick to your ribs and see you through to your next meal with energy to spare.


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