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cookies and milk
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Cookies and milk rank very high as favorite treats for people young and old across the entire planet. I have wonderful memories of my Grandma McCollum baking her special chocolate chip cookies when I was a child. She worked the dough lovingly with her hands and knew the perfect moment to remove them from the oven in order that they would be a mouthful of chewy deliciousness.  I have to say that I always liked them best while they were still gooey and hot straight out of the oven. But alas, those cookies were also loaded with sugar and Crisco and were not the healthiest of treats despite tasting so mouth watering good. Of course back in those days, we were not allowed to gorge on them, and children were so much more active and able to burn off all of those sugar filled calories.

Of course with new zero calorie sweeteners coming out today you can still bake sugar free cookies at home. And if you shop carefully, you can find delicious sugar free cookies that are often packed with healthy fiber and protein such as Lenny and Larry’s The Boss Cookie Chocolate Chunk.

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Let me tell you, I do find some sugar free, protein cookies to lack in flavor, but Lenny and Larry’s have created a wonderful cookie with The Boss. It has a dense and chewy texture coupled with a flavor that I believe is one of the tastiest cookies I have ever found in this category. I really enjoyed my chocolate chip cookie, even if it did not compare to my Grandma’s cookies. Of course nothing could ever compare to a treat made with an abundance of a grandmothers love.

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As you can see, one cookie is 220 calories. But, those 220 calories will fill you up and not leave you craving for more since there is no sugar in them. You also receive 18 grams of protein, 6 grams of dietary fiber and only 9 net carbohydrates.  This cookie is a pretty good bargain snack for the price of about $2.50 US, and it pairs quite nicely with Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk!

Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk
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I wasn’t sure if I thought this milk would be any good. Flaxseeds taste good to me, but with their somewhat savory, and nutty flavor, I was skeptical of this product – not all flavors are good in a drink in my personal opinion.  But for cookies and milk, I believe this is wonderful with the Lenny and Larry’s cookie.

I drank my first glass and was very pleasantly surprised at how good this flax milk tasted. Flax milk You will find that

Some vegan milks are super creamy while others are pretty watery. Good Karma Unsweetened Flax milk lands just about right in the middle—it’s not as thick as cashew milk, but it’s not as thin as rice milk. There is a creaminess to flax milk that might be compared to dairy milk, for all those who like to drink milk and it. It’s a good cereal milk, neither too rich nor diluted in texture. One thing about flax milk is they can lose a bit of their probiotic effect when heated. The probiotic benefit of cultured flax milk will be neutralized, but you can still cook with it.

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Looking at the nutrition label you can see that this flax milk is very low in calories. But for the vitamins, minerals, and probiotic, it is just a little more nourishing than a glass of water. The plus side to this is that since it is so low in calories, it is a perfect pairing for Lenny and Larry’s Cookies and milk. One cup of this flax milk and one cookie only comes up to a total of 245 calories for a snack. In my book, that is not too bad at all for a mid-day snack.

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