NOBULL Women’s Trainers Review

photo by Brenda Sue

Lifting Shoes!

Before I started lifting, I would always find the most comfortable shoe with the most cushioned bottom for all sports and everyday wear. When I first began lifting, David told me that I needed lifting shoes, or I should learn to lift barefooted. I actually did lift barefooted once but didn’t like how it felt. It seemed unstable. If you lift in a soft- soled shoe, you lose energy in the sole. You need a hard sole for an efficient transfer of energy from the floor up.  The first time that I looked for lifting shoes, I found some Nike trainers at Dick’s Sporting Goods that were better than any other shoes that I had at the time. They had a trimmer profile than the profoundly expensive lifting shoes that I had seen online, and I liked that. Although they had a hard bottom, they were actually a little too trim for the powerlifting that I soon found myself doing. I realize that now, since I got these NOBULL trainers. The Hepburn powerlifting program that I was soon to be involved in, would have probably been a little easier if I had bought these shoes then. These are much more stable than the Nike trainers that I wore for 3 1/2 years.

A huge difference in these shoes is the outsole lug pattern. It is designed for flexibility, traction and support. When I am under my heaviest bar, my feet feel supported, comfortable and most of all, stable. When I am racking the bar from a front harness squat, I want stability more than anything else in my life! The 4mm heel to toe drop adds to the stability of the shoe when it’s under load.

NOBULL Patented Technology

These shoes are made of NOBULL’s patented SuperFabric which is breathable yet quite durable. They are abrasion resistant. The SuperFabric is applied on top of a highly flexible base so they are also comfortable when you tie them up, stable yet flexible. Most shoes are either stable or flexible but NOBULL has managed to do both. They also have high carbon lateral and medial guards to offer even more protection to the sidewalls.

The tongue of the shoes is also breathable which adds to the overall comfort of the shoes in long weight lifting sessions. The NOBULL logo is reflective which is so important if you are out after dark. The molded sock liner makes them fit like a glove.

Although I pride myself on being strong and tough, I am still very much a female and I like pretty things. While these shoes are not exactly a Cinderella slipper, they are so much more aesthetically pleasing than some of those hideous, huge, “serious” lifting shoes that I’ve seen. They were a little pricey at $130, but they are worth it. NOBULL has great shoes for $105. I am sold on these shoes for lifting.

♥Next time I just might get the pink high-tops.♥


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