Kinder’s 0 Sugar Barbecue Sauce

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BBQ Season!

I have always loved smoky barbecue. As a child, I waited for my mother’s barbecued pork chops with delightful anticipation. If they were cooked on the grill, that was great, but I loved them cooked in the oven too because it was all about THE SAUCE!

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When I first began avoiding sugar, barbecue sauce became a thing of the past because there was none on the market with no added sugar. I tried to make my own from no sugar added catsup, but it was never satisfactory. I went long periods of time without anything barbecued because it was more trouble than it was worth only to be disappointed with the mediocre sauces that I was making at home. Well, it’s barbecue season and this delectable sauce has taken up a place of honor in my pantry, right on the front of the bottom shelf!

Along with no added sugar, I personally also look for gluten-free products because I’m gluten-sensitive. Let me say right here that THERE IS NO REASON TO AVOID GLUTEN FOR MOST PEOPLE. Also, if you are a sensitive celiac, make sure to have everything you eat approved by your medical doctor. Having said that, there are no ingredients in this sauce that I need to avoid so that’s just another good thing about it for me.

Other Barbecue Sauce Offerings

There are other no sugar added barbecue sauces on the market now that I like. I have reviewed at least two of them here on the website. The first one that I found, G. Hughes, is a good sauce but it’s very sweet. Sometimes if too much sweetener is added to a product, the result is overwhelming. Ray’s (Sweet Baby Ray’s) No Added Sugar is an excellent sauce! It’s thick enough to stay on your meat when you sauce it on the grill.

I like this barbecue sauce best for indoor cooking because I just like the taste better. It is much thinner than Ray’s however, so if you want to grill and you want a sauce that will stick to your meat, Ray’s might be better. Kinder’s is the least sweet of the three and has unique flavor undertones that make it taste better to me. It might be the roasted garlic that gives it a unique flavor, but I have noticed that it has a more natural sweetness than the other sauces. G.Hughes is sweetened with sucralose, or Splenda, and Ray’s is sweetened with allulose and sucralose. Kinder’s is sweetened with allulose and Luo Han Guo Fruit, or Monk Fruit. Many people think that Monk Fruit is a more natural tasting sweetener than others. I know that sucralose can be overwhelmingly sweet if even slightly too much is used. Before I knew that Monk Fruit is one of the sweeteners for Kinder’s, I had decided that it’s the most natural tasting of the three no sugar added barbecue sauces that I have tried.

You may note that this variety is the Cali Gold. It has a distinct mustard taste that I like. I have not tried the Original.

Barbecue Sauce Availability

I bought this at Walmart for $4.98.

It’s going to be a good summer!

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