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I am not one who will pay for a can of cold coffee on a regular basis. As when home, if I am out and about, running around town, if I want coffee I want it hot and black. I would rather pay for a cup of hot black coffee on any given summer day over buying a can of cold coffee that comes in different flavors, even if they are sugar free. But, there was two that caught my eye the other day at our local grocery store. Super Coffee Sweet & Creamy Mocha, and Bulletproof, dark chocolate, cold brewed latte.

But for the fact that I saw that both of these two canned coffee’s were sugar free, I would have not even removed them from between all the Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donut and other assorted canned coffees of different flavors. I usually pay these coffees no mind not only because they contain added sugar, but also because I can’t bring myself to desire a can of cold coffee that will cost me almost $5.00 US. Call me cheap if you will, but good coffee can be found while on the run for a lesser price than these types.

Bulletproof Cold Brewed Latte

Dark Chocolate Flavor

Okay, seeing the name Bulletproof told me this is probably a “keto” coffee since I hear this term quite often from those who do the keto diet. Sure enough, one of the ingredients is grass-fed butter. It also contains 6 net grams of carbohydrates so if I were one to do keto, I am not so sure that I would want to waste my carbohydrate grams on a coffee drink. But I digress…

Bulletproof coffee nutrition info
Screen shot from Bulletproof Coffee Website

As you can see above, there really are no ingredients that I would think of as objectionable. And the addition of butter and MCT oil served to create a somewhat creamy drink. But upon the first sip, I had the notion to toss the rest of it out my window. Since I am not a litterbug, and did not have anything in my truck to contain a open can of coffee, I decided to go ahead and finish it.

Now, this is solely my opinion regarding the taste of this coffee. I did not care too much for it and would never buy it again. However if it was served to me by a friend I would drink it down just to be polite. For the price, I expected something that would taste a little better.

With the first taste, I though it had almost a faint, rancid berry taste to a stale coffee brew. I had to wonder why it tasted more like rancid berry, stale coffee instead of dark chocolate as on indicated on the can. But with the second drink, I finally discovered the dark chocolate. The best way I could describe the taste of this coffee is that it would be on par with any cheap store brand rancid berry tasting coffee that someone brewed with a Hershey’s miniature dark cholate melted and stirred into it.

But realize this, just because I did not care for this canned coffee, this does not mean you will not like it. Heck, you might actually love it – who knows…

I personally can’t recommend this one.

Super Coffee

Positive Energy Mocha

Now, in my personal taste and opinion, with the Super Coffee sitting right next to the Bulletproof Coffee on the same shelf, I have to wonder how they even sell the Bulletproof. That is unless the shopper has never tried it before. There is a very distinct difference in these two coffees, and the Super Coffee was far superior in each and every way possible.

Well, that might be a stretch of exaggeration,

But it wasn’t far from the truth. I actually enjoyed the Super Coffee brand quite well.

Super Coffee nutrition label
Screen shot from Super Coffee website

Nutritionally there is not much difference between the two coffees. Super Coffee has a tad bit more protein along with thirty fewer calories than the Bulletproof Coffee.

Super Coffee ingredients
Screen shot from Super Coffee website

Sodium Hexametaphosphate and Dipotassium Phosphate


I am fessing up, I had to look up those two ingredients as I was drawing a blank on both them. I knew that I had read about them both, but could not recall what they were used for.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a multi-purpose sequestrant and is a versatile ingredient to have on hand for your culinary creations. It is a white, odorless powder used to thicken, emulsify, or add texture to foods, beverages, pet-related goods, and personal care products, and its additionally used in certain methods of chelation.

That sounded kind of scary right there, but this is FDA approved for use in foods.

Dipotassium phosphate is a water-soluble salt that you may have purchased in the commercial form of a food additive, a fertilizer, and also a buffering agent in manufactured foods. On its own, it looks like a colorless, white substance, which, for the health and fitness minded people out there, is notably an awesome source of potassium and phosphorus. It plays a mega role in your body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is a high-energy molecule that your body requires for energy.

Taste wise, the Super Coffee was far superior than that of the Bulletproof Coffee. While the Bulletproof tasted like floor sweeps with a Hershey’s miniature melted into it, the Super Coffee tasted exactly how I would expect it taste. Drinking this coffee drink was nice, it tasted like a good chocolate milk with a quality coffee blended into it. The balance of the chocolate and coffee flavors were the perfect mix, not too much of one over the other. Well balanced.

With winter coming soon, the Super Coffee Mocha might be really good heated up, and poured into a mug. If you try either one of these coffee drinks, please let us know what you thought of them. If you like or dislike either one, there is no right nor wrong answer. We’d just like to hear your opinions.

Comments and questions are most welcome!

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