Swerve Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Swerve Chocoloate chip cookies
Photo by David Yochim

Today was a beautiful day, so I took my motorcycle out for a nice ride through the twisty roads out in the county. Days like this when the temperature is just right for riding make for a great time. And when I returned home, the day became even better.

I walked through the front door to the smell of freshly baked cookies. My first thought was that they would be something that I would not eat – I do not eat anything with added sugar in it. However, when I asked my wife about it, she held up the cookie mix box, and let me know they were sugar free. Learning they were sugar free, I just had to try one – and then a second one to make sure the first really did taste as good as I thought it had. Low and behold, they were mighty fine cookies – especially coming from a box mix…

The first thing I want you to know should you decide to try this product and have never cooked with almond and/or coconut flour – the cookies are really delicate when hot out of the oven and must cool before trying to pick them up to eat. When hot, they will fall right apart in your hand, so let them cool first.

Now, since these cookies had cooled by the time I arrived home, I was able to pick them up without them crumbling apart. I noticed on the first bite that they had a really good chocolate chip cookie flavor that closely resembles that of Chip’s Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies – I used to binge eat Chip’s Ahoy cookies when I was a chubby guy.

Swerve cookie ingredient list
Photo by David Yochim

The sweetness of these cookies was just right which is something that some manufacturers of sugar free cookies can’t seem to get right. The blend of almond and coconut flours coupled with a good amount of chocolate chips really imparted a good flavor.

The next  thing which I really enjoyed about these chocolate chip cookies is that they maintained some moisture and were soft and chewy. While I cannot say that these cookies are near as tasty as those my dear departed Grandma McCollum used to bake, but these will work in a pinch and will not cause cravings to continue to keep eating more. There are only two grams of added sugar in the chocolate chips, but when you look at the net carbs for each cookie consumed, this small amount is too minimal to cause those wanting to lose weight to become derailed from their progress.

My friends, sugar is not required nowadays to be able to enjoy flavorful treats. There are far too many alternative sweeteners on the market today to still believe the non-sense that sugar has to be in everything sweet. And if you want to argue over the use of alternative (imitation) sweeteners, you will need to be prepared and had best pack a lunch. This is not an argument you will easily win…

Swerve cookie nutrition data
Photo by David Yochim

With the good in regards to these cookies, there is also of a downside. Prepared, each cookie has 110 calories without providing a whole lot of good nutrition. While the ingredients are all just fine for good health, they can cause one to eat more calories than they might intend. In other words, while you are unlikely to get the simple sugar cravings you get with most cookies, they taste good enough that some people are going to over eat them with a good possibility of going over their caloric needs for the day.

What you are getting with the Swerve brand Chocolate Chip Cookie is a sweet treat that only provides two grams of protein and only six net grams of carbohydrates. If like a sensible person you only eat one or two of these cookies, all should be just fine as long as you account for the calories. The problem arises if you are the type who will automatically grab up five cookies to scarf down. Five cookies will give you 550 extra calories for the day, while only providing 10 grams of protein. Conversely though, five cookies will provide you with ten grams of dietary fiber which is roughly one third of what a normal individual needs each day for good bowel health.

Note: If you were to eat five of these cookies, you had best be well hydrated since ten grams of fiber in one who does not drink enough water will only serve to get them constipated. Let’s just say that we all need to use common respect, manners, and a sense of decency before eating almost half of the twelve cookies this mix will make.

I recommend that you try this cookie mix, and then let us know what you think of them.

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