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Guinea Pig to Lose Weight

I have written about experimenting on myself during the Holidays concerning weight loss. When I threw abandon to the wind, I set a chain of events in motion that affected me long after the Season in a very negative way. The trigger foods that I had eaten with abandon during the Holidays had me hooked! I was unable to change the poor habits that I had acquired during that experiment for YEARS!

However, when I accepted this festive Season as a challenge, I actually achieved a significant weight loss goal on December 15 of that year. The festivities had been in full swing for months at that time because the first Fall Holiday treats arrive in your local Walmart in August!

There is a method to my madness and below are some of my tips for taking control during the “most wonderful time of the year”.

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1-Don’t buy a ton of Holiday goodies. They will make more.

Even if you have favorites, only buy a limited amount. Buy, or make, just enough for your event and leave the rest in the store or unmade. Last year I made my Dad’s favorite candy and made sure that it was just enough for him. There was nothing for me to nibble on. If you can’t imagine Christmas without Christmas Tree Brownies, make Birchbender’s Keto Brownies, cut them itno Christmas Trees and add their canned frosting, ALL SUGAR-FREE! Yes, they do have calories but they don’t cause sugar cravings that can create a lifetime of bad habits. You can dust them with Confectioner’s Swerve for a dusting of “snow”. You CAN lose weight with deliberate effort.

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2-Send any left-overs home with your guests to lose weight.

Never keep them! If no one wants them, throw them out while you’re still full, as soon as you finish your meal. If you wait, they will sound good when you’re hungry again and you very well may cave into your cravings. I throw the offending food away and squirt dishwashing liquid on it. A true food junkie will retrieve food from the trash can. Ask me how I know…

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3-Plan a Healthy Holiday!

My son just celebrated his birthday and I made the High Protein Hot Pockets recipe that we have here on the blog, only I made them Mexican style instead of breakfast. They were wonderful! I also made a Swerve brand chocolate cake with a buttercream frosting made from coconut oil, Swerve Confectioner’s, vanilla extract, cocoa and salt. It was an incredible, low carb, sugar-free delight. He wants to lose weight and his birthday wasn’t a reason to give up on that. Canned Birchbender’s frosting is also an excellent choice. Lucas has lost 56 pounds eating David’s Way and has about 20 pounds to go. He has NOT BEEN DEPRIVED and he will achieve his goal. If my adult, autistic son can do this, ANYONE can.



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4-Stick to your workout schedule and maybe add in an extra walk.

When I reached that goal during the Season, I made sure that I walked extra every day. I never missed my workout and worked a little harder at each one. Outdoor activity during this Season is invigorating and calms your mind during the whirlwind of activity that always accompanies the Holidays. Take advantage of cooler temperatures and get outside.

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5-Lose weight by focusing on your food plan.

It’s very easy to get busy and forget, or put off, tracking every bite that goes into your mouth, but right now, more than any other time, it’s imperative. With so much extra food and too many goodies around it’s easy to underestimate your calories. Be strict about tracking and you will see the scale fall.

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6-Get Your Sleep!

When we skimp on sleep, we produce too much cortisol, our stress hormone. This devilish substance adds fat around your belly. Commit to 8 hours a night and reap the benefits of a better mood during this extremely stressful time of year. You will also build muscle easier when you get enough sleep if you’re strength training. That muscle will boost your metabolism for a little extra burn.

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7-Just say “No!”

Food pushers run rampant right now. Don’t let friends and family influence you to abandon your plan to lose weight. Stand your ground and in January when they are crying tears of regret, you will be looking at swimsuits for the Spring!

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8-Stay involved with like-minded individuals

Stay active on David’s Way. Avoid people who influence you in a negative manner. There really is such a thing as “social contagion”. You take on the habits of those around you. Choose wisely.

Social Contagion

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9-Avoid alcohol.

It’s not worth the extra calories, carbs or appetite stimulating effects that come with it. You will lose your inhibitions and eat everything in sight. Just don’t drink if you want to lose weight.

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10-Get up and go again!

If you give in and over-indulge, pass it off as one event and get right back to your healthy lifestyle. One mistake won’t ruin your months of hard work. It’s what happens in the long run that really matters.

And always remember, we’re here for you. We will find you a special recipe or answer any questions you may have, free of charge.

Just ask.

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