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Because there are so many people who desperately want weight-loss to come the easy way, there is an overabundance of scams being perpetrated on these individuals. It is astounding to me how otherwise intelligent people can be conned into such nonsense – nonsense such as the latest and greatest of weight-loss hacks, fad diets, and the multitude of weight-loss pills which contain little more than the stimulant that you find in a cup of coffee. Yes that’s right, most of those high dollar weight-loss supplements contain about the same amount of caffeine as maybe a couple of cups of coffee. Yet people will foolishly spend large sums of money on these products and scams because they fall for the sleazy marketing from their producers.

Just stop with this nonsense – surely you are not so gullible as these hucksters believe you to be.

When I was telling Brenda Sue about my muse for an article on a weight-loss hack, she turned me onto something she had also found. What she stumbled upon was another worthless scam weight-loss product called Protetox which claims:

“Their incredible formula brings together more natural detoxifying ingredients than any other. Made with only the freshest and highest quality natural ingredients available”.

They also claim their product is a “nutritional weight loss supplement that contains a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to increase your metabolism and induce powerful antioxidant effects”. “The formula has been clinically proven to help you burn fat more efficiently and boost metabolism”.

If you believe these types of bogus claims above, maybe you are as gullible as these scam artists believe you are. Truly, if you want to increase your metabolism and to consume ingredients that provide a powerful antioxidant effect on your body – start today by eating nutritious foods that are devoid of added sugars and preservative chemicals. Get your protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats from single ingredient foods such as meats, dairy, eggs, vegetables, and fruit. If you would just do that, your body will become healthier than it is by being obese and your abundance of body fat will take care of itself.

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Time-restricted eating in sync with circadian rhythms may lead to weight loss…

Alright now, here is the truth – if you are over-weight, or obese, you are doing a couple of things wrong. You are eating more calories than your body needs for its basic metabolic rate, and you are eating foods that are not healthy for your body. You do not need to follow any hacks such as the one I am going to discuss – Time-restricted eating in sync with circadian rhythms.

If you are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and eating only foods that bring quality nutrition to your body, ask yourself “exactly how are you going to be disciplined enough to follow this hack?”

The simple and most basic truth is that without changing your lifestyle to one where you only consume healthy foods, you are not going to find weight-loss success with this or any other hack. I know that you are smarter than that.

I am surprised that this article was actually printed in the otherwise fine website Medical News Today. Maybe their editor was drunk or asleep the day this got past them…

One point I want to drive home is to realize that just because there is a glimmer of truth in some claims, that does not mean that it is going to be helpful to the dieter. Also, if their claims include words such as can, could, may, might, and possibly – do not fall into the trap of thinking those words equate “WILL”.

Any article that uses platitudes in their wording is selling you a bill of goods… The following can be found in this article:

  1. A new study in mice suggests that increased weight gain due to food consumption at inappropriate times may be attributed to impaired thermogenesis, the process of burning calories to release heat, by adipocytes or fat cells. (metabolism)
    • You are not a mouse with impaired thermogenesis. You are a human who can increase your metabolism by eating healthy foods and moving your body with some form of doctor approved exercise.
  2. These results explain the metabolic benefits of time-restricted feeding, involving restricting the consumption of food to certain hours of the day.
    • In other words, you should simply quit eating around the clock. And, it is not the time of day when you eat that is causing your obesity – you are eating the wrong foods and more calories than your body burns in a day.
  3. Factors associated with modern life, such as shift work and late-night eating, have led to a misalignment between what time food is consumed and light-dark cycles. This disruption is associated with the overconsumption of food and an increased risk of obesity.
    • This issue is very easily resolved if you would only plan ahead, and prepare for your eating and the hours you work.
  4. The study indicates that the process of heat generation from calories or thermogenesis in adipocytes also shows a rhythmic pattern that aligns with the daily light-dark cycle. Findings suggest that eating late at night may disrupt this rhythm in adipocytes resulting in lower energy expenditure and weight gain.
    • While there is a hint of truth in these statements, the impact is no more than a tempest in a teapot. Most people who eat at night, are not eating healthy and nutritious foods. This is akin to stating that you are eating your vegetables by eating a microwave vegetarian burrito that you purchased at a convenience store on your way to work.
  5. Although many studies have shown that TRF reduces fat mass, understanding the molecular mechanism helps identify which cells and biochemical pathways are activated under TRF to reduce fat and identify potential genes or proteins that can be potentially targeted by drugs to mimic the benefits of TRF.
    • Scientific mumbo jumbo is nothing more than the author attempting to add legitimacy to their writing and not much more. The truth is, many people will not even understand what they have read, but it sounds good to them for no other reason than it sounds scientific.
  6. In animals, the time of food intake and the light-dark cycles are aligned. Modern lifestyles, including shift work and exposure to blue light, have increasingly led to a misalignment between food intake and the light-dark cycle. Previous studies have shown that misaligning feeding times with light-dark cycles is associated with obesity.
    • This passage infers that you have little control of your obesity because of shift work and exposure to blue light. They came to this conclusion by the study of animals. You have control of everything that passes your lips. And, you are NOT an animal.
  7. Researchers have used mice maintained on a high fat diet as a model of obesity due to excessive intake of calories. In addition, mice that are fed a high fat diet during the inactive period (light) show an even greater increase in weight than those maintained on the same diet during the active period, despite consuming the same amounts of calories.
    • Besides the fact they are comparing you to a mouse, there is a huge omission to what is being said in the paragraph above. Fat consumption does not induce you to gain weight unless you are consuming damaged fats such as you get from frying foods, and fats that have been modified such as hydrogenated and trans fats.
      • When you eat dietary fats, they do not turn into fat on your body because they do not stimulate the release of insulin into your body. Because insulin is necessary to open the cells in your body to store fat in your fat cells, fat will not be stored on your hips or belly. Healthy dietary fats are necessary for good health. Proteins and fats are necessary for metabolic processes and the constant rebuilding that must go on within your body. When you cut back on dietary fats and protein, your body is forced to take these materials from your bones and muscles to keep up the rebuilding processes. When you go on a low fat diet, you are actually harming your metabolic processes.
  8. Most experiments were conducted at 30°C when mice spend a minimal amount of energy to maintain a constant body temperature. The researchers found mice that were fed during the inactive period showed lower energy expenditure than the mice fed during the active period.
    • Do you see a problem here? If not, we are not mice who live in a temperature controlled environment. We are humans who live in the dynamics of our ever changing weather patterns of hot and cold.
  9. Despite the implications of the present study, more research is needed to determine whether time-restricted eating produces the same effects on energy expenditure in humans.
    • This article contained much more about their theories of comparing mice to humans than I cared to include since I believe you should get the point by now. But here they tell you more research is needed after essentially trying to sell you on absolutes.
      • Roberto Refinetti, Ph.D., a professor at the University of New Orleans, noted, “the study was conducted in mice, so it must be repeated in other animals and in people before the findings can be generalized.”

Time-restricted eating is a type of eating plan that focuses on the timing of eating. Instead of limiting the types of food or number of calories that people consume, this plan restricts the amount of time they can spend eating. If you believe that by following a time-restricted eating plan for weight-loss, and that the types of foods and the number of calories you consume is irrelevant, then you will likely never lose that extra body fat that you are carrying around, and will thus suffer the health consequences of obesity in the future.

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  1. Another great debunking post, David.

    1. David Yochim says:

      It seems in the weight-loss industry there is never a shortage of things to debunk.

      1. As P.T. Barnum said, “There is an idiot born every minute.”

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