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Avoid Weight Regain!

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The Reality

Most people who lose weight regain it. The frequently quoted percentage of people who regain their lost weight  is 95%. There have been studies done to try to debunk this statistic, but no specific percentage has emerged as a result of these studies. The truth is, we all know that MOST people do regain lost weight. I have done exactly that a few times in my life. It was only when I began living David’s Way that I was able to achieve lifetime health and fitness. A major key to my success has been avoiding ALL added sugars. If you have trouble finding a sugar-free version of a product, leave us a comment. We can most likely help.


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I have heard people say that if they will most likely regain lost weight, then they won’t even try to get healthy. There has been scientific research that has perpetuated the idea that yoyo dieting with repeated weight loss and weight gain cycles is more hazardous to our health than just staying fat. While I agree with much of the data involved in that theory, the practical application of that bit of information was to encourage many people to stay fat and unhealthy. If I had ascribed to that theory, I would have never gotten to a healthy weight. It was necessary for me to continue to pursue my goal in order to achieve it. The ONLY difference in a winner and a loser is that the winner gets up one more time.

If it is necessary to continue pursuing a goal to achieve it, and yet achieving the goal sets you up to undo all of your hard work, then it seems to be mandatory to find ways to make weight loss sustainable.

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After a lifetime of yoyo dieting, from age 4 to 61, I have learned a few things about how to make weight loss permanent. David and I began talking about what was wrong with other weight loss programs and this program emerged. It’s just the way that people ate and lived for decades before the advent of the abundance of processed foods and 24-hour drive-thrus, and decadence, drama and gluttony became the norm. The basic precepts of David’s Way to Health and Fitness work. They are simple. They are FREE.

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Be Accountable!

We strongly encourage you to keep a record of every bite that goes into your mouth. The “My Fitness Pal” app is free and is great for keeping an accurate record of how many calories you have eaten. It will also set up a suggested calorie allowance for you, based on the information that you enter into it when you set it up. Although there is a paid version of this fantastic app, I have never needed it. I use the free version.

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Work Out!

Do whatever exercise your doctor approves AND THAT YOU WILL DO! If you hate running, don’t plan to run because you won’t. When you are searching for your perfect exercise, consider the time and money necessary. I used to swim, so I had to allow for the cost of a gym membership where they had an indoor pool. Swimming is also very time consuming, so I had to arrange my schedule carefully to work it in.

A quick walk around the block that you can and will do is better than a Crossfit class that you hate, cannot afford and won’t do. Although calorie restriction alone will induce weight loss, when you quit reducing your calories once you are at your desired weight, it will require some exercise to keep those pounds off. Most people who are successful at maintaining lost pounds get 60-90 minutes of exercise most days. (1) During the strict calorie reduction for weight loss, light exercise may be adequate. After your calories stabilize, however, you will need to increase your exercise to maintain that loss. (2)

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Be a Turtle!

Lose weight slowly! If you lose weight too fast, you will lose muscle. Since muscle increases metabolism, when you lose muscle during fast weight loss, you slow your metabolism. After repeating this cycle many times, you can change your fat to muscle ratio to have less muscle and more fat, and the vicious cycle keeps repeating itself until it can produce significant metabolic challenges. It will become progressively harder to keep the weight off as you lose more and more of your fat burning muscle.

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Be a Control Freak!

Control your environment! Throw out foods that are stumbling blocks on your road to good health. Although peanut butter can be a relatively healthy food, I don’t have it in my house because I can’t control it. It is also mandatory to remove people from your life who work against your efforts to be healthy. There really is such a thing as Social Contagion. Avoid situations that present difficult challenges for weight control. If you struggle with overeating and drinking at a specific restaurant or bar, DON’T GO THERE. Find restaurants that offer healthy food and no alcohol. You may feel that you have to give up too much. Ponder this, are you willing to give up your health for tacos and margaritas? THAT is the bigger sacrifice. “Trigger Foods” and addictive alcohol WILL take you right back to where you started. You KNOW what your trigger foods are, avoid them.

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Invest in your new, healthy lifestyle. Take the money that you save on alcohol and drive-thru food and buy some workout clothes, or even some gym equipment. I don’t buy many things that many women buy, but I do buy gym equipment for my home. I know people who pay as much for a PURSE as I paid for my Power Rack, which makes it safer for me to lift weights with no spotter. Since my gym is at home, I use it. I don’t have to go anywhere to work out and have little to no excuse to skip exercise.

Thrown out your old clothes and buy things that fit! DO NOT keep your “Fat Clothes” “Just In Case”! Again, INVEST IN THE NEW YOU! Make this healthy body your default, not the exception. You worked too hard to go back! Financial incentives work well, especially in this extremely difficult economic era.

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Scour this website for healthy recipe versions of your favorite high-calorie or sugar-laden foods. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, drop a comment below and let us know what you need. We will create one or help you find one to satisfy that craving so that you stay happy and satisfied with your new lifestyle. Program your mind with healthy information. DO NOT peruse the Food Network and other media that makes you want to eat everything in sight! I watch a Health Coach on You Tube to keep my mind on healthy living as much as possible. Media is a strong influencer. Choose wisely.

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Your Choice

As much as we would like to think that after we lose the fat that we need to lose, it’s all done, that’s NOT TRUE. Living a rich, healthy life for your entire life will take continual work and study. It is an ever-evolving science. Trust me, it’s well worth it. Do you want a pitiful, sickly existence or a rich robust life? For me, that’s a no-brainer.

I choose life.

(1) Keeping It Off | Healthy Weight, Nutrition, and Physical Activity | CDC


Social Contagion

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