Season of Danger

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Oh, my goodness! Here we are again in the most fattening season of the year. Remember, I speak from experience. I have been a size 22 and I know every excuse to be fat. The real kicker is simply this, when we look for excuses to be fat, this Season is an excellent one.

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Deadly Habits

The truth of the matter is that as soon as January gets here, we have all that Holiday junk food that we deliberately over-purchased laying around and well, it will be a whole year before we have Brach’s Christmas Tree Taffies again or chocolate covered marshmallow Santas, so we have to eat them, right? I mean this Season only comes once a year! Wrong. The Season of Gluttony is year-round.

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Year of Terror

I have used myself as a lab rat and ran experiments to see how specific behaviors affected my weight. One year I threw abandon to the wind and ate whatever I wanted during this time. Guess what. Because I had fueled cravings with so much sugar, I was out of control for the entire year. I did not regain control until the next year at this time and I had gained 35 pounds. No kidding. It happened.

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The Answer!

In October of that year of reckoning, after the 35 pound weight gain, I began laying my plan. I would not buy any Holiday treats until the day of the actual Holiday. I decided to only buy what I would eat that day. I stuck to my plan. I did not activate intense cravings and I did not develop habits that were all but impossible to stop. It worked. Since then I forgo all sugar sweetened foods and never have any problem at this time of year. David’s Way of avoiding added sugars, and other simple carbs, has remedied the problem.

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Perpetual Motion

When you indulge on the level of gluttony and eat sugar, one Holiday runs into the next. As soon as you finish all that Winter junk, well here comes Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not in a romantic relationship, there’s plenty of candy to go around, and it does. After all, you have just finished your stash of Winter goodies and Valentine’s Day candy will satisfy those cravings.

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The Hamster Wheel

Hmmm…let’s not forget about Spring Holidays. Wow, how many different kinds of chocolate and/or candy eggs can candy manufacturers come up with? They have become quite devious, taking favorite candy bars and other candies and shaping them like an egg and calling it by some cutsie, innocent sounding name to feed your addiction. Will you allow yourself to be manipulated like this? You are not helpless and this situation is not hopeless. We have candy recipes right here on the blog that will satisfy a sweet tooth. Try Sugar Free Andes Mint Cups or Sugar Free Raspberry Lemon Cups . We have brownie recipes and many other sugar free sweet delights. You don’t have to eat sugar and a bunch of carbs to get your fix. The great thing about our recipes is that they won’t give you cravings. You can enjoy them and not want them again tomorrow.

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Party Animal

Whether you “party” til you just can’t party “no more”, or simply indulge at the church social, summer is a time of intense social gatherings that involve barbecue, ice cream, potato salad and baked beans and whatever else your culture can come up with. The common thread is there’s always a lot of it. There is usually alcohol which just adds to the carb and calorie burden and increases cravings. If you missed being bikini ready for the summer, you are likely to abandon all control to the wind and just go crazy. Wow. Next thing you know, it’s October again.

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The Fix

In my last article, Why Monday? I asked the question, “Why do you wait until Monday to start making healthy decisions? So, why do you wait until any Season is over to save your own life? Start now, right now, and be ready for those candy, cookie and cake laden events and days. Learn this website. You can find a healthier version of almost any recipe you might want here. If not, contact us on the “Contact” button, or in the comments, and we’ll help you find one for NO CHARGE.

You really have no excuse. Take care of yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. Be awesome.



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