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“The Secret”

Most people believe that there is a mysterious, secret formula that will FINALLY yield weight loss. They search relentlessly for the magic bullet that will fix their weight problem once and for all. Just tonight, a lovely, young girl with a modest amount of weight to lose asked me what is the best “weight loss pills” to take. I said, “None.” It’s habits, not pills, that can result in permanent weight loss.

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1-See your medical doctor and ask his recommendations.

2-Make a decision. Decide what you want THE MOST, the cake or the weight.

NOBODY has ever loved chocolate cake any more than me. Many years ago, I decided that I might as well stop with one bite of chocolate cake because no matter how much I ate, I still wanted chocolate cake. Now, I don’t eat traditional cake, made with white, wheat flour and added sugar. I quit eating added sugars and other simple carbs, like white wheat flour and now I don’t crave them at all. If I want a dessert, I make one of the recipes that we have here on the website like these Low Carb Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies


These sweet confections give you a scrumptious dessert that won’t cause the cravings that cookies with sugar will cause.  It’s necessary to count the calories in sweet treats whether they have added sugars or not but indulging in sugar-free desserts doesn’t contribute to the sugar addiction that most overweight people have. I lived with a sugar addiction for most of my life and as long as I count the calories, I can have “No Sugar Added” desserts and remain at my desired weight. I don’t “spend” too many calories on these foods, however because it’s better to have protein and complex carbs in the form of a meal thab squander all my calories on cookies.

If you have habits that are keeping you overweight, you must find ways to modify those habits. You will only have success if you do something different from what you have done in the past.

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3-Decide how you will keep a record of your caloric intake.

At one time it was common to simply write down everything you ate and drank and look up the calorie count in a “calorie counter” book. While that is perfectly acceptable, the easiest way that I have found is to use My Fitness Pal. It’s a FREE app that you can set up for yourself. There is a paid version but it’s not necessary to use that one. The app will give you a calorie goal based on the information you enter. It’s very simple and effective.

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4-Make arrangements to get whatever exercise your doctor approves AND YOU WILL DO.

Once you get medical clearance to exercise, you must realize that good intentions to exercise won’t give the same results as actually doing it! At one time, I was an avid swimmer. Swimming takes an inordinate amount of time. It’s very inconvenient. Even if that was what I wanted to do now, there’s no way that I could work that into my busy schedule. Your exercise HAS TO BE convenient and practical for you to do it.

I lift weights and have a good gym in my basement. I made it a priority for a few years to create an efficient gym at home. I had a “frienemy”, (friend/enemy), who said, “I can’t afford that, I just go to the gym.” What she failed to realize is that she will still be paying gym fees well after my equipment is paid for. I made working out convenient and I do it.

It’s also necessary to do exercise that you like, either because you like the activity or because you like the results. The type of weightlifting that I do is strenuous and oppressive at times. There are many days that the squat rack looms like Godzilla on the horizon, BUT I LOVE what it does for me, so I’m committed to it. It has changed my life in many ways for the better. Find your niche and get committed!

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5-Set realistic goals.

When I first began lifting weights on a serious level, I was looking at pictures of fitness models with goals in mind. David warned me that not only were those pictures altered, but the models were also using steroids and other drugs to achieve those results. I asked if I worked hard enough, could those results be achieved naturally and he said that he would not say that it’s impossible, but it is very unlikely. I had to adjust my expectations to accommodate this reality. I am hard-working and committed but I will never take Performance Enhancing Drugs. Steroids are just the tip of that iceberg. Many amazing looking fitness models and bodybuilders also use powerful diuretics and insulin to achieve the results that we see in those pictures. While I was born at night, I was not born last night. I am not a fool. My health is my first priority. I want to look as good as I can and be HEALTHY. Frequently these icons that are supposed to represent health and fitness are the sickest people in the room. My goals had to be adjusted to reality. If you set unrealistic goals, you will get discouraged and give up. Set attainable goals and achieve them.

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6-Dig In!

We all want results overnight. One of the reasons that we do is so that we can “get off of the diet”. Guess what. As soon as you “get off of the diet”, the pounds will return with friends. Fad diets cause you to lose precious muscle along with fat. As your muscle to fat ratio declines, so does your metabolism. It becomes easier than ever to gain weight and even harder to lose than before the rapid weight losses. If you want to achieve a healthy body fat percentage AND STAY THERE, lose weight slowly. Your habits will become a new LIFESTYLE, not just something to be tolerated for a short period of time. You are also much less likely to have any significant loose skin if you lose weight slowly. A healthy body for a lifetime IS a realistic goal, but only if you understand that this is a LIFETIME commitment. You really can’t have “Thin Thighs In Thirty Days” but you can have some new habits that will get you some great looking legs for the rest of your life!

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I frequently infuriate people because I simply won’t tolerate junk foods in my space. Regardless of where I find myself, I remove traditional cookies, cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes and candy by putting it in the garbage where it belongs. If that’s not an option, I remove myself from the space. The result is that my doctor tells me that the only way that I will die is to be hit by a bus. The choice is yours.

I also remove people from my life who exert an unhealthy influence. People who try to influence you to live an unhealthy life, are NOT your friends. Find other health minded individuals to share your life with, you will both benefit.

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Sleep can be a challenge for everyone in the digital world that we live in. There’s always something to do, even after we have finished everything in the real world. I uninstalled TikTok because it’s such a time-eater. Just look at the name…TikTok. All social media can be a huge interference to good sleep. Get your priorities in order and see your doctor for advise on this critical factor in weight control. Too little sleep increases cortisol in the body and cortisol is related to belly fat. Catch some zzz’s.

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9-Use Good Technology.

When I do cardio, I always wear a heart monitor to make sure that I am working out at the desired level. I have a watch that records everything I do and a scale that analyzes my body fat, hydration and more. These types of tools help keep my mind in the game. Invest in YOURSELF!

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As you discover your true, healthy self that you were intended to be, press into that identity. Let healthy habits, foods, friends and media fill your life. There’s so much to learn about health and fitness!

Study it like your life depends on it,

because it does.

Comments and questions are most welcome!

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