The Price You Pay

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Unacknowledged Expense

I often hear people say that healthy food is expensive while they are scarfing down a quick pastry with an $8.00 sugar-filled coffee flavored drink. Since the pastry costs about $2.00, they have just eaten a$10.00 “snack”. An ENTIRE BOX of oatmeal, a DOZEN eggs and a whole POT of coffee costs approximately $12.00. Those items will make SEVERAL breakfasts. So, tell me, which costs more?

You must also consider that years of living on junk food and depriving yourself of necessary nutrients will likely result in elevated triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol. Simple carbohydrates and added sugars also increase inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation is accepted to be the beginning of many diseases including heart disease and cancer. Factor in the lost wages and medical expenses and reconsider the price of healthy food.

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Yes, Let’s Go There

As politically incorrect as it is to even mention the social implications of poor health habits and obesity, it’s the world we live in, people. While there are men and women who prefer a partner who is heavy, that is not usually the case. I can talk about these things because I have been fat, at a size 22. Don’t even light into me for telling the truth. Loneliness is a significant part of the daily life of many overweight people, at a higher rate than normal weight individuals. (1)

I know a young girl who is pretty, fun and obese. She so longs for someone to share her life with. She spends endless hours on the internet posting beautiful face and cleavage pictures, hoping to attract that special someone into her life. Occasionally, she has a date that comes from her on-line activity and without fail, there is only one date. Her personality is stellar, and she will not face the truth of the matter that her dates feel that she deceived them with her lovely face and cleavage shots only to show up as a young woman who will most likely die young due to obesity. She is unable to do many things that they want to do. Hiking a canyon, sightseeing for hours on end at the beach, working out, water sports or even fitting into one side of a booth at a restaurant is not a possibility in her world. Many physical activities are hard or impossible for her due to the effects of obesity. Don’t blame others for choosing a partner who can do the things that they want to do in life. I well remember many summers just wanting to stay inside. I still choose shade over sun, but I can hang in there with anyone in physical activity and I’m 66 years old! Many years of my life would have been so much better if I had accepted these truths sooner than I did.

Why discuss these delicate issues in a blog post about price? Loneliness is a known killer. Loneliness increases the risk of mortality by 26%. (2) It increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, progression of frailty, cognitive decline, dementia, depression and suicide. How much money are you willing to spend trying to survive those maladies? Add in lost wages because you’re sick and the picture becomes crystal clear.

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If I hear one more morbidly obese person say that they don’t eat hardly anything, I’m going to scream. Remember, I HAVE BEEN THERE. Not only could I eat a washtub of about ANYTHING… I wasn’t even picky. I loved to eat, and I did. I ate large amounts of high calorie foods and had the fat to show for it. So, let’s consider the cost…

Now, although I eat a high protein diet, a serving of steak is 4 ounces. When I was fat, I ate about 10-16 ounces of steak at a time. The cost of my meal was more than doubled by that factor alone. Add the cost of dessert that was a part of many meals and/or the cost of sugary snacks and unbridled drive-through visits and it’s easy to see how my grocery bill could easily increase by at least 20%. Now I use that extra cash to buy healthy food. I’m never sick and my doctor is in awe of my blood labs at the age of 66. He always asks what I eat. When you consider the cost of obesity, you must also consider the price of medical expenses incurred due to the resulting poor health.  If you think you can’t afford healthy food, think of it this way. You’re going to spend the money somewhere, either at the doctor’s office and pharmacy or the grocery store. Personally, I had rather spend it at the grocery store and stay well. Add the cost of missed days from work due to the complications of obesity and your choice to get healthy could be a financial decision. I still work full-time, no straining to get by on social security payments for me! I am eternally grateful to God that He has allowed me to live this life of being pro-active in my health. It’s not genetics. Both of my parents had/have heart disease at very early ages. So far, I have avoided that.

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Everyday Expenses

Everyone likes to have nice clothes. Plus-size fashion is approximately 6% higher than other clothing. The fashion industry says that it’s because more fabric is used to make plus-size items. That is certainly a part of the reason, I’m sure. I do believe, however, that it’s also a matter of the industry knowing that they can get the extra cash. When I was a size 22, I was painfully aware that the fashion industry had me over a barrel. I would either pay extra for clothes that I liked or buy everything at a yard sale, and I did a lot of that. New clothes were SO expensive! Now I can wear whatever I like, and I can compare prices and look for bargains.

I recently flew on Delta airlines, which I LOVED!!! and my seat was comfortable in the cheap seats. If I had been as big as I once was, I believe that I would have wanted one of the roomier seats. Delta seats are bigger than some airlines in economy but for an increase in price, you can get more room. EVERYTHING costs more when you are obese. There’s nothing wrong with airlines charging more for extra space. That’s how they survive financially. I felt that way when I was much bigger. We have to be realistic in our expectations for businesses. Just because it’s trendy to advocate for the rights of fat people does not change the basic math of needing to make a profit.

Add in the missed amusement park rides, the hikes with family and the misery of swimsuit shopping and it’s easy to see that the price of obesity expands beyond your bank account. When you die earlier than necessary due to related health issues, what price will be set on the absence of a mother, sister, daughter, father, brother or son? Even my autistic son has made the decision to get healthy and at this time has lost over 60 pounds. If he can do this, I promise you that you can too.

Get busy and “Create Your Life!”

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