Stolen Valor.

What bores you?

I get so bored with the ego maniacs in my life who have this need to greatly exaggerate their own sense of importance. These weak little people used to anger me.

Nowadays, I just look at them with a degree of pity and just allow them to ramble on with their stories of great military escapades, while not letting them in on the fact that because of my own experience I know better.

Stolen Valor is no longer worth the stress, so at times, I find it fun to play along with their tall tales just to see how far they will go. I never knew how many heroes are in my community, it makes me wonder what the rest of us Veterans ever accomplished…

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  1. Good point, David, and lots of respect to you Veterans!

    1. David Yochim says:

      Thank you my kind friend.

      1. You are most welcome, David.

  2. Brenda Sue says:

    As always, I agree with you, David. 😉 I well remember the first time I met a gentleman who is obsessed with presenting himself as a “hero” in all things. Although I remained respectful, I must admit, I stifled an eyeroll the entire time I was around him. Bored was an understatement.

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