Health Sabotage

We have all had those “friends” who seemed to come out of the woodwork whenever we are doing our best with our health initiative. They seem like our best buddy. They can’t get close enough to us or do enough for us and then the moment of truth comes suddenly. They want us to go out and eat and eat what they’re having, usually a heavy dose of carbs and quite often alcohol. They will almost never tell us that they don’t want us to be smaller than them but the evidence is there. I had what I thought was the best friend that I had ever made who actually told me that she didn’t like me being the”skinny” one. Mind you that, at that time, I was 5’6″ and weighed 160#. She was quite a bit bigger. She would bring home made cheesecake, an 8 hour ordeal to make, and put it on my doorstep. I enjoyed every bite and gained weight fast. When I got control of myself and realized what was happening, I lost the weight and continued to lose more when I found David’s Way. This woman told me point blank that she doesn’t want to be my friend if I’m this size. Fine. I don’t need her anymore than I need cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Choose your friends wisely.There is a phenomenon called “social contagion” where we take on the habits of those around us.

Sometimes we encounter this behavior at work. Sometimes at social gatherings. There are some strategies for avoiding some of the land mines that these people lay for us. Recently I had an open bag of goodies left right beside my computer. It went into the trash, probably nasty anyway. How many dirty fingers had reached into that bag? If you’re really serious, after trashing the offending item(s), cover them with dish washing liquid. You won’t be bothered with them again.

Whenever you go somewhere that food is an issue, take your own healthy food.

Take healthy snacks for others.

If there is an active saboteur and there are fragile diabetics in the area, talk to the offending person directly about your health concerns for others.

Make just one day a week “Sweet Treat Day” and cut down on the volume of sugar in your environment and then carry great tasting sugar free options made from David’s Way recipes…brownies anyone?

Create social activities that don’t involve food like hiking or even something new and exciting…hmmm..zipline?

Change the clear containers of cookies and such to opaque. Out of sight, out of mind.

Be proactive. Create the world that you live in. It’s up to you. Don’t fall victim to the tricks and plots of people who are not willing to do the work that you are doing to be healthy. You only have one life. Make it a good one.


You Decide, Daylight or Dark?

There are crucial decisions that we make every day that change our lives more than we can imagine. We know that choices like where we live or work or marry or don’t marry make a huge difference, but most of us don’t realize that small decisions can have as great an impact on our health as any of these…maybe more.

Sometimes we think that we are blindsided by unfortunate events but if we look closely we may discover that we set ourselves up for the hit by our decisions that we made every day. Did you go to the doctor for a sore throat and get told that you’re pre-diabetic? Were you surprised? Look back. How often did you opt for the honey bun and coffee at the convenience store instead of a healthy breakfast? How often do you eat dessert? Have you ever thought or been told by your doctor that you should lose weight? Sometimes we pass right by flashing red warning lights and then we are shocked when we plunge off the cliff.

We are programmed for instant gratification. We may set great health goals that involve delayed gratification but then when we are faced with the decision of what to have for lunch, we give into the quickest, easiest, tastiest thing that we can manage and usually plenty of it. What we call willpower is merely the ability to delay gratification. You have probably heard the saying, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” That’s so true. The problem is that we can taste the ice cream now and we have to wait to see the benefits of not having it. We are not good at waiting. We want it now.

There are a few methods that are known to strengthen the ability to delay gratification:

1-Define your goals.

First determine your motivation, set the goal and then develop a plan to meet that goal. After thinking these things through you are more likely to pass by the temptation of the moment.

2-Find ways to escape whatever is distracting you.

Distract yourself from the distractor. Go for a walk. Have a cup of tea or coffee. Talk on the phone. Play a game…anything to take your mind off of the temptation of the moment. Challenge yourself to do something healthy before indulging. Odds are you will decide to leave it alone. Use a timer to simply stretch out your tolerance of doing without an immediate “fix”. Little by little your willpower will get stronger.

Hide the food or cigarette or whatever is calling your name. I have a foolproof method of delaying gratification. It’s called the Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Cure. I dump the offending food into the garbage and soak it with Dawn. Works every time.

Think about the negative results of giving into the moment. Imagine yourself 80 pounds heavier or in the hospital Intensive Care Unit for cancer treatment. It’s a strong deterrent.

3-Reward yourself.

As you develop strength in the area that you are focusing on, reward yourself when you are successful. Buy something just for you. Go somewhere special or take an afternoon to catch up with a dear friend. Indulge yourself. You have earned it. By rewarding yourself for your strengths, you will rewire your brain to think of reward as something that you work for, not something that just appears out of nowhere. You will begin to look forward to those well earned and deserved rewards because you will not only get the reward but you will also get the benefits of delayed gratification in a healthier life and body.

You can do this, begin today.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

At David ‘s Way we teach that there are three components that lay a foundation for good health. They are nutrition, activity and rest. You should read David’s article “Fitness Triad” for some good information concerning the details. America is known as the most sleep deprived nation on earth. Almost half of all Americans don’t get enough sleep. There are some common reasons for insomnia that can be remedied.

1-You check your phone before bed.Social media and email can be stressful and then you struggle to fall asleep. Another problem is that the light from your phone triggers your brain to believe that it’s daylight and time to wake up. Forego that last minute media check and turn in a few minutes earlier.

2- You have an irregular schedule and go to bed at different times throughout the week. This confuses your circadian rhythms and your brain doesn’t know when to shut down. Try to keep your sleep times as regular as possible, varying no more than 30-45 minutes if possible.

3-You drink caffeine too late in the day. Caffeine tricks your brain into thinking that it’s time to be awake. Try having your last serving at least 5 hours before bedtime.

4-You wind down with alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol interferes with sleep. You may nod off easy but you will not stay asleep. Stick to one drink per day if you drink and make sure that it’s at least 2 hours before you want to sleep.

5- Your bed is uncomfortable from a bad mattress or a pet in the bed or a partner who steals the covers or takes up too much room. Get a good mattress, put the pet out of the bed and buy a bigger bed if your partner is a bed hog.

6-Your bedroom is too warm or bright. A cool room triggers you to sleep and if the room is too warm, your body will not cool down like it needs to for sleep. If there is too much light, you won’t produce the melatonin needed to fall into a peaceful slumber. Keep your room at 68 degrees and use light blocking shades and sleep masks.

7-Stress keeps you awake. Get a relaxing pre-bed ritual that calms you down such as a relaxing hot shower or some form of mindfulness practice.

8-Your partner snores. Encourage your partner to see a sleep specialist. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea and can be detrimental to his/her health. Do both of you a favor and get this fixed.

I Want To Be Slim NOW!


Have you ever said these words? Have you ever thought them? I have. I did for many frustrating years. I wanted to get slim and get it over with. That was the problem. Being unable to accept that it will never be “over” made me unable to do the things that I needed to do to achieve success

Homeostasis and Change

We are designed to maintain a stable internal environment which is called homeostasis, because the nature of our bodies is to change in response to needs. We have to have a stable base from which to operate. We have multiple systems and organs that are designed to change almost everything that they do on a millisecond’s notice. This is where the “fight or flight” state originates. We have an emergency and our body immediately slams us with enough adrenaline to light up New York City to get us safe. How long do you think it would take you to move out of the way of an out of control vehicle catapulting onto the sidewalk where you are strolling? Believe me, not very long. I saw a State Trooper take flight out of the path of a semi truck one morning and I noticed that the elbows and knees move first. This fine fellow was not the picture of fitness but he moved like a gazelle.

If we have invading organisms in our bodies our immune system will sometimes turn up the heat to kill them.  Our blood pressure changes with every beat of our hearts responding to our environment and state of mind and the demands made on us. Since we are in a constant state of flux, we need to maintain a steady environment for our bodies as much as possible in order to assist the process of homeostasis. We supply the foundation for function and our bodies adjust to environment and stimuli.

If we drastically cut our calories in an effort to lose weight fast, we will initiate a chain of chaos. We will create a weak link. We are fearfully and wonderfully made but we have to do our part. This is where good nutrition, proper rest, adequate exercise, (with your doctor’s approval) and stress reduction come into the picture. I liken our bodies to a race car. You would never let a race car set in the garage without maintenance and then go by the gas station on the way to the track and expect your car to win. At the track, every system of the car will be tested. It will be pushed to it’s absolute limits. In order to win that race, or even finish intact, you have to do your maintenance. You would never let it set idle for weeks and then drive like a bat out of hell to the track. When we neglect ourselves for long periods and then try to lose a lot of weight fast, that’s what we’re doing. Something just might break. At the very best, we will get through the ordeal but very soon, repairs are going to be required. To restore homeostasis, a constant state, we will most likely begin to regain the weight that we lost in a hurry.

The Win

Weight management is won and lost in the mind. When we lose weight too quickly by keeping ourselves in a constant state of deprivation, our minds refuse to adapt to the change. Why would it? There is nothing that tells our bodies that this is a good thing if we are miserable on every level. In order to survive, we will naturally rebel against anything that is causing this much misery. If we truly want to make positive changes, we must nourish ourselves with good food and take care of ourselves.

A holistic approach that improves the overall well-being of our entire selves will provide a good environment for subtle changes to begin to take place. This is why stress reduction is so important. Stress produces cortisol which raises blood sugar which affects insulin production which affects fat storage and on and on… It’s hard for us to make positive changes with this stress response activated.

Losing weight is not a punishment for overeating. We don’t need to suffer to do it. It’s a reward because we care about our health. I have tried practically every weight loss method known to man and David’s Way works for me. I am never deprived and most days I have trouble getting all of my calories in for the day because I have no cravings and seldom get hungry. I was a size 22 at one time and had a side of pizza with my pizza. Desserts were a daily vice. I loved pound cake for breakfast and Little Debbie and I were best friends. (Little Debbie is a locally well known snack cake.) Cornbread was a necessary staple of my diet. I ate sugar every day and I never quit craving sugar, salt and fat. I would swim hours on end to justify these indulgences but never achieved a desirable weight or body fat percentage until I came to David’s Way. Since my body fat is stable at about 18%, I can focus on achieving my bigger health and fitness goals. I want to be at about 15-17% body fat. I don’t have to consider my diet, I know what I will eat. I only have to work out smarter, rest and keep stress at bay.

When I first began this program I asked David “How long will take?” He carefully redirected that thought to what I would gain on the journey. I wanted to be “on program” a few months and emerge as Ms. Olympia. I have been on program a little over a year and the positive changes in my life are too many to count. I am more fit and stronger than I have ever been at 62. I am nowhere near typical. I am in hot pursuit of my absolute best self.

Are You Ready To Commit?

Are you ready to commit to pursuing your health and wellness goals? A true commitment means that you know that you will never “finish”. You have chosen to be a better you. You have decided to make daily decisions that benefit you rather than destroy you. You will make yourself a priority and pursue your best self. This is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. When others around you are failing, you will thrive.  People will look at you and wonder how you do it. You will know. You have made a decision to continue, to never turn back, to persistently pursue a lifestyle of wellness. You have the power to create who you want to be. Take control. Your destiny awaits. ;-*

Take Control


At Davids Way we believe in creating and controlling our lives in order to reduce stress. Recently I encountered an extremely stressful situation that was a huge challenge. As I struggled to regain my composure and balance, David’s wise words echoed in my mind, “Be proactive, not reactive.” This is a method of taking control of stressful situations. It’s not always easy because to be proactive means that you take responsibility for the outcome. Instead of riding the runaway train off the rails, you jump in the Conductor’s seat. Guess what…the train is already out of control. This is a big job. The only alternative is to crash. Which will you choose?

There are methods to help with this process. It’s imperative to learn to take charge if we want to be healthy, otherwise we are like a leaf, blown here and there by the winds of change. Some of these methods are old and they have been proven to work.

-Before reacting in anger or another strong emotion, count to ten. If yo still feel out of control afterward, take a break to calm down or get away from the cause of the stress. If it’s a food issue, get away from the temptation.

-Do not assume that you know someone else’s motives or thoughts. If someone does not return a call or does something that seems like a personal attack, remember, you are not the center of the universe. Everything is not caused by or centered around you. People have other motivating factors in their lives. Their behavior may not be personal at all. They have a life that does not involve you on every level. Their behavior is a conglomerate of their entire life experiences of which you are only a part. This is true whether it’s a boss or a friend.

-If you are dealing with a difficult individual, put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand the pressure that they may be under to have rolled it down on you. It may be peer pressure at school or pressure from their supervisor. This does not excuse bad behavior but it can enable you to better deal with your emotions.

-If you’re being pressured for a decision, buy time with the simple phrase, “I’ll think about this and get back to you.” It will immediately lessen the intensity of the moment.

-If you feel nervous and anxious, splash cold water on your face. This slows the heart rate by ten to twenty-five percent. Your body thinks that you just dove into water.

-Drink green tea. Do not drink regular caffeinated beverages. Green tea has the amino acid theanine in it and it calms and reduces stress.

-With your doctor’s permission always, get in a hard workout. This energizes your mind and body and as you feel your strength, you will gain confidence to deal with the stress at hand.

-Tell yourself, “I’m not tripping over this. I will not fall down.”  This method was developed by Eric Maisel and he advises you to distract yourself with constructive activities to avoid being stuck in negative thinking.

-Go into nature and surround yourself with blues and greens. Walk. Breath deeply You will be renewed.

-Ask yourself, “What is the lesson here?” There’s always something to be learned if we are willing to answer this question truthfully. (1)

Always remember, “Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections, failed twice in business and suffered a nervous breakdown before he became the president of the United States.” If you are struggling, you are in good company. ;-*

How To Navigate Davids Way Blog


David began this blog last May and there have been many changes since then. We frequently tell you how to use certain functions of the blog but it bears repeating for our new Followers and possibly some of you who haven’t quite gotten the feel of it yet.

Before we begin the tour of the “Menu” button, I want you to understand that you can go to the “Search” box at the end of any article and search for anything on your mind:

You can enter “Brownies”, “Strength Training”, “Stress”… whatever word comes to mind and if that word is anywhere in an article on the blog, those articles will pop up. There’s more than one brownie recipe, by the way… 🙂

This is the “Menu” button on the Home Page. Just tap or click that to open up to this:

Notice the first entry, “Calorie Counter Pro”:


Enter your information to receive a download, or possibly an email, or both to give you the number of calories that you need to lose, or gain, 1-2#/week. I strongly encourage you to go for 1#/week. This is a lifestyle. There is no hurry. If you go for 1# the program will be easier to assimilate.

At the end of the “Calorie Counter Pro” you will find a chart that tells you how many calories you burn for specific activities. This list is expansive and and includes “Gym Activities”, “Outdoor Activities”, “Home and Daily Life Activities” and “Home Repair”. David worked a long time to give you a tool to estimate your calorie burn. Take advantage of this resource. Sometimes we struggle with our weight because we over- estimate the calories that we burn.

Next, let’s look at the “Forum” tab:

This is where you can start a discussion or contribute to a discussion. Keep it on the topic of health and wellness and keep it family friendly. David’s Way is a safe place for everyone. Just tap or click the highlighted “First Forum” phrase under “Example Category”.

After you tap or click “First Forum”, here’s what you see:

Here you can tap or click any of the topics and comment or you can tap or click the “New Topic” button at the top right corner and start a discussion of your own.

We also have the “Contact” function where you can contact us directly:

We will reply, most likely both of us. You will have the unique advantage of both a male and female perspective and we are both Certified Nutrition/Wellness Consultants.

If you tap the “Home” button you will find our purpose for bring here. It is our Mission Statement. You will also be able to view our Certification.

If you tap “Blog” you will open up to the most recent blog post, skipping the “Home” page.

There’s a comprehensive “Calories and Macronutrients” chart coming! It will include hundreds of common foods. This chart will be a continual work in progress as more foods are added including many restaurant foods.

Soon, we will begin online consultation.

I hope this helps you navigate David’s Way. We put our hearts into the pages of this blog in the hope of changing the world to be a healthier place. Too many people die at their own hands by the choices that they make every day. These choices can be changed. It’s up to us, you and I, as individuals and as a health oriented group of thinkers who continually search for ways to better our lives. Join us. You will be glad you did. ;-*






Choose Your Path

Wise Words

My Grandmother used to say, “People do what they want to do.” At first hearing, this bothered me, but over time I realized that this is true. It’s not to say that we don’t have to do things that we don’t want to do or that our days are a sequence of fun choices. It means that when we decide the events of the day, how we spend our time, in the end, we do what we want to do, with rare exception. If we have to choose between regular high carb pancakes, loaded with sugar and syrup for breakfast, or a wiser choice, steak and eggs, in the end we will choose what we want. We will choose lethargy or energy. We need to consider our choices.

Feeling It

Decision making is based partially on emotion. (1) Without emotion, we could not make a decision. We have to “feel” it. The amygdala, (the seat of our most primitive emotions) and the orbitofrontal cortex are critical to decision making. This enables us to make decisions based on previous experiences. Without this emotional element we would not be able to apply lessons learned to the present. How did that “Super Sized Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae” make you feel the last time you ate it? Did you learn anything?

Energy Required

Decision making has been shown to exhaust us mentally. The University of Minnesota did a study that demonstrated that after making decisions, participants performed at a lower level in arithmetic and other college class material. Making a quality decision uses energy and sometimes we want to take the “easy” way out and just go with the flow but if we do that too often, then our lives are formed by random chance and not by our heart’s desire. Choose what you want and make the decisions to get you there.

Social Influence

We are influenced by what we believe to be social norms because we are using those beliefs as an anchor. It’s been noted that when we believe that a lower performance level is the social norm, we will “dumb down” our decision to fit that belief. Take care to associate with people who have the lives and standards that you want in your life because odds are, you will make decisions to be like them.

Be Careful of the Groups

Group decision making is inferior to individual decision making. In a group, the most social individual will usually exert the most influence. This is not necessarily the same as the one with the best information. Over time, the quality information of the individual thinkers will give way to the collective group “think tank”, which means that the people who are the most conformist in the group will give the group direction. Think for yourself. You have to live with your decisions.

Decide Quickly

Taking too much time to make a decision decreases the confidence of that decision. As confidence decreases, we are more likely to make a poor decision. You know what to do to be healthy. Make that decision. Run with it. Don’t ponder it. As Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Now, do you really want to be healthy? Make the decision. Implement the plan and live it. You will be so glad that you did.


Low Carb Sausage and Egg Breakfast Cups

Calories for TWO 108
Protein. 9.5 grams
Carbohydrates. 0.5 grams
Fat 11 grams

1# ground sausage, any type

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

1/4 t. garlic powder

1/4 t. Onion powder

1/4 t. Paprika

1/4 t. Dried parsley

6 eggs

Mix sausage, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and dried parsley in a bowl until well combined. Put cupcake liners into muffin wells and start to form shells with the sausage mix. Cover the sides and leave room in the middle for the eggs.In a separate bowl, mix the eggs, salt, and pepper. Pour egg mixture into the middle of each cup. Top with shredded cheese, tomatoes, spinach or toppings of your choice. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes…Enjoy! ;-*

Defy The Odds

Even if you had a rocky beginning,

You can still grow tall.

Even if your path is hard,

You can tackle it with your all.

Even if there are days that are less than fun,

You can persevere and rise to the sun.


Nature has a way of illustrating life lessons simply by doing. The tree pictured here never considered the difficulty that it was faced with in it’s quest for life. It did all the right things. It grew. When it hit a rock, it just grew in another direction, never giving any consideration to giving up. It didn’t find the support it needed on this side, so it developed a massive root system on the other side. It knew exactly what it had to do to live a healthy life. It had to have sun so it worked hard to develop into a strong, healthy structure that would take it to everything that it needs for it’s best life. It never wavered just because it’s path was not easy and now, standing tall, it has become everything a tree should be. It gives shade and produces those wonderful phytochemicals that are known to be medicinal when we walk under trees. It has not only provided life for itself by “trusting the process” (David), it provides healing to those around it.

If you have ever felt like you didn’t get a fair shake at life, a rocky beginning, a difficult path, take a lesson from this tree. We have all experienced setbacks and tragedies. We have all faced problems that seemed unmovable. We have all wanted to give up. This experience is common to mankind. It’s what we do with it that counts.

Will you stop short of your destiny and die in the ground, cold and alone? Or will you push hard? Will you decide that it’s just too hard, that it’s easier to wither on the vine than to develop into the majestic being that every one of us is meant to be or will you reach for the sun? Will you exchange your life force for the temporary comfort of ease or will you just keep going in the hard, dark times in order to become a brilliant example of what a person can be and nurture yourself and those around you? You have the key to life in you. It’s your decisions. There are grand, sweeping tragedies that befall us that we don’t seem to have any control over. I’m not talking about those things. They are few, but real and oh, so sad, but most of our life is determined by our decisions. We create ourselves. Push. Stretch. Reach. Fall down and cry, but get up. All that matters is that you keep getting up. Fulfill your potential and never look back. Those rocks don’t mean a thing, except that they made you stronger.

Healthy Life for the Long Haul

The Beginning

There is an exhilaration in beginning a health initiative. We feel like we have attained our goal because we have decided to go for the goal. We tend to buy all of the books and equipment, join all the right support groups and buy the right work-out clothes, and let’s not forget the shoes. Then we discover that in order to truly arrive at our goal, we must be in it for the long haul.


Our goal is a lifetime of health and vitality, a long term goal, so our initiative must also be long term. This is something that we will do from now on. That’s why it’s important to discover what really works and find a way for it to become our lifestyle. It’s important to find a way to make healthy changes pleasant because we will naturally want to incorporate them into our lives if they are. Quite often, our motivation for the changes is enough to create the drive to stick with them because anything that’s motivating creates pleasure and lights up the dopamine circuit in our brain. Consider your motives. They are very important. How do they make you feel, energized or drained? If you are energized by your motives, your success will come easier. That’s why we can’t be bullied or coerced into weight loss or working out. The bully behavior drains us and creates stress, the opposite of what we want.


When our motivation is right and the prefrontal cortex of our brain is lit up with dopamine, we will automatically remember that feeling on tough days. When difficulties arise that could derail us, we will find it easier to stay on track by pushing harder to get that feeling again. (1) That’s not to say that some days won’t be extremely difficult or that we will never get off track. It’s saying that in the long run, we will naturally gravitate back to that set point of pleasure that we know is there. Regardless of the choices that we are confronted with, we will always know what will provide that feeling of success that comes from staying committed to our decision to be healthy.


Howard Gardner wrote a book called “Good Work” that discusses the excellence of work that combines our best talents, energies and passions to perform work that is aligned with a sense of purpose, meaning and our direction in life. (1) This is a great description of a commitment to our health. When we pursue it with everything in us, it becomes an act of excellence. As we delve deeper into the healthy lifestyle, we are continually rewarded with the benefits of a healthy body which becomes it’s own reward.

What Creates Motivation?

David McClelland, a major theorist of motivation has proposed three main motivators for people. (1)

1- The need for power, one type being a heartless, selfish need but the other being a desire to help people. Setting a healthy example and spreading this lifestyle to help people live a healthy life is very rewarding.

2-The need to affiliate; taking pleasure in being with people and working towards a common goal. The healthy lifestyle provides a unique experience in this respect because together we are raging against the onslaught of a very unhealthy culture in most cases. We have a common cause.

3-The need for achievement, reaching toward a meaningful goal. Nothing gives us the feeling of achievement as much as successfully achieving our health goals. With optimum health, we are unstoppable.

Your Best Self

It’s necessary to stop short of perfectionism because it will take the joy out of everything. As David says, “Be the best that YOU can be. Don’t compare yourself to others.” If we fall into the trap of perfectionism, all we will do is work towards goals. We will never feel that we have attained them and always feel like we’re falling short. By giving our healthy lifestyle our best efforts and reveling in the results, whatever they are, we will create a life of joy.

Don’t Quit

When the internet was young, there was a young techie who really didn’t get much attention. He was devoted to continually improving his performance and even mastered a special math to develop his product. There was another very successful and popular business that seemed to be the up and coming thing but this young techie went his own way, determined to develop his unique product. People thought that his risk was huge, but he had confidence that he was doing what he should do even though it was not like anybody else. The company was called “Google” and the techie was Sergei Brin.