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G. Hughes Barbecue Sauce Review



Oh, Yeah…

In my journey towards health and wellness that has spanned many years and many methods, before finding David’s Way, there have been a few things that I missed giving up. Good barbecue sauce was always one of them. I tried to make it without sugar many times but could never come up with a recipe that I liked. I don’t know what kind of magic G. Hughes has stumbled upon, but it’s powerful! They have managed to produce more than one variety of SUGAR FREE BBQ SAUCE that is wonderful.

Perfect Balance

I have enjoyed every variety of G. Hughes BBQ SAUCE that I have tried, but when I found the Sweet & Spicy flavor, I knew that I had found “The One”. All of them are thick and rich, but this one seemed a little thicker with just enough of a heat bite to notice. It’s obviously sweet, but it has equal tangy, spicy notes to perfectly balance the sweetness. The result is a decadent sauce that builds nicely as you cook, especially if you know how to cook it on in layers of sticky, finger-lickin’ good sauciness. It made both pork chops and chicken rock. Barbecue is back on the menu!



With only 10 calories per 2 Tablespoon serving, you can have all you want. There is no added sugar or fat. There is 200 mg. of sodium in a serving, which is 9% of all that you should have in a day, so if sodium is a concern for you that might be a limitation, but that is true for most barbecue sauces. I eat very little sodium otherwise, so the sodium is not a problem for me.


$Price$ and Availability

I buy this amazing, sugar free sauce at my local Walmart for a mere $3.26 per bottle. The only snafu is that occasionally, they don’t have my favorite, the Sweet and Spicy. I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s so good. Sometimes every variety is sold out, so if you like this sauce and want to be sure that you don’t have to order it from Amazon and pay too much for it, you might want to keep more than one on hand. It also comes in Mesquite, Maple Brown, Hickory and Carolina Style Sweet Heat and Original. Even if they’re sold out of your favorite, you can’t go wrong with G.Hughes!


Fat Loss Versus Weight Loss

One of the things we see as a huge problem in the weight loss industry is the focus is almost always placed exclusively  on weight loss alone. You can join one of the largest weight loss groups in the country, pay your monthly fees and still not find true success in achieving a healthy body, specifically because they only concentrate on helping you in getting to a goal weight instead of a goal body fat percentage. At David’s Way to Health and Fitness, we want you to concentrate on achieving a healthy body fat level over reaching a random weight. You might reach your goal weight when following any of the popular programs, yet still have an entirely too high percentage of body fat. What you weigh is meaningless when you are what we refer to as being “skinny fat”. Being skinny fat is when by outward appearances you are at an ideal body weight, yet you are still soft and pudgy from still carrying too much fat. In fact, being skinny fat is worse than just being obese simply because most skinny fat people do not recognize they have a problem.  After all, if you are over the age of thirty and weigh what you did as a senior in high school, all is well, right?

Not necessarily!

Here in lies a humongous problem, nutrition is similar to religion in that it is visceral. People can get too caught up in what feels good over using intelligence and common sense. It feels good to lose weight, and many take it as a matter of faith that a pound lost is a pound lost, while not caring where the pound lost came from. They do not care, or do not understand, there is a huge difference in a pound of water being lost over a pound of actual fat being lost. All they want to see is the number on their scale dropping which makes them feel good. These people will always find themselves let down when that pound of water weight is replaced as soon as they begin consuming and retaining fluids. Water weight loss is meaningless when it comes to what is important. What is important is losing your body fat to a healthy level for your body.

To get at a healthy level of body fat and remain there, we need to first understand something. Obesity is not just a matter of simple weight gain.

Obesity is an accumulation of excess body fat!

If you want your weight loss to mean anything, then you must understand that your priority must be focused on achieving a healthy level of body fat over a random weight number that just “seems” to be right. Some of the major weight loss groups will help you to get to a weight that places you in a healthy range within the Body Mass Index scale, yet you might still be “skinny fat” and unhealthy. To be healthy, you have to concentrate on losing body fat, not just weight.

Through interactions with our own followers at David’s Way to Health and Fitness, and through the study of several weight loss programs, it is astounding that there are so many people who have little grasp of what makes up their weight and what to do about it. Your body weight is comprised of more than one factor; water content, fat content, muscle content and your structural components  such as bones, tendons and ligaments. If you want to simplify this, look at your body as two parts, pure body fat and lean body mass for the rest.

If you are trying to figure out your ideal weight, quit looking for a mystical number you believe is going to make you look and feel good about yourself. Concentrate on getting to and maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. You can refer to our Pictorial Body Fat Estimator  here to see where you need to be. Fifteen percent is a good goal for men, while twenty two percent is a good percentage for women.

In today’s America, the average man has 23% or higher levels of body fat, while the average woman’s body fat is 32% or higher. This means the average male is 53% fatter than he should be while the average woman is 50% fatter than what is healthy. Somewhere along the way, we Americans have become some of the fattest people on the face of the earth.  And why would this be?

This is simply because too many people, including so-called experts, have no true understanding of the relationship between diet and fat loss!

Are You Skinny-Fat?


The Illusion

If you are one of those people who have never had to worry about the number on the scale and could almost always rock a swimsuit, you may consider your self very lucky indeed! The problem is, if you have never had to concern yourself with your weight, then you just might be skinny-fat, a condition that can make you as unhealthy as an obese person.


This condition is sometimes called “normal-weight obesity” and it may affect up to 25% of normal weight individuals. These people look healthy but have bad health habits and when they were checked in a 2008 study, they were found to have high levels of body fat and inflammation. (1) These people are at high risk for diabetes and heart disease. We all know at least one or two of these people. They look good, but as time wears on, they become sick more often than others and just can’t seem to get well and stay well. In the South, we describe them as “sickly”. I have known many of these people and they are the most difficult to educate concerning good health habits because they don’t have that motivation of vanity. They look good.

Signs That You May Be Skinny-Fat

Muffin Top- I noticed many years ago that some of the women that I knew who had never had a weight problem had started wearing those loose, long tops with fitted pants or leggings. I have noticed that those tops quite often can cover a multitude of sins. If you are cleverly attempting to hide your muffin top, you just might be skinny fat. Fat around the middle is unhealthier than fat anywhere else. It is associated with earlier death, insulin resistance and inflammation. Inflammation is believed to be the source of most of the disease process in the human body.

Lack of physical strength- You can’t do a single push-up. Since these people have never had the incentive to work out that over weight people have, they tend to avoid it. As a result, over time, they begin to lose muscle mass earlier than others. As muscle declines, so does physical strength. Regular strength training of some type that is approved by your medical doctor can help to reverse this trend. Aerobic activity is necessary to maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

Family History- If you have family members who have developed diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease regardless of their size, you may be predisposed to these conditions. While a normal weight is to be desired, good nutrition and regular exercise can help you ward off what seems like a “generational curse”. You might want to read the article, The “Generational Curse”, What Is It? if you actually believe that you are doomed to get a disease or disorder just because someone in your family has it.

You Eat Poorly- Just because you can consume enough empty calories to fuel New York City, it does not mean that they are not hurting you. When you fill up on junk food you are robbing your body of the nutritionally dense foods that you need. You are also ingesting sugars that increase inflammation. Don’t think for a minute that just because the scale does not bear witness to your nutritional offences that you are getting away with it. I know a beautiful 40 year old woman, who is obviously skinny fat, who has had multiple brushes with death as she lay in a coma with her blood sugar around 1000, yes one thousand. There’s no explanation as to how she survived, and one day, she won’t. She is one of the sickliest people that I know and she is very attractive, at a lovely weight for her frame.

You are in an “at-risk” population- Older adults tend to pay less attention to their BMI’s. Because we lose muscle as we age, unless we actively do something to retain and build muscle, body fat percentages tend to be higher in older adults. We need to build muscle to offset this tendency. A 2011 study also revealed that those of South Asian descent are more likely to store fat around their internal organs, compared to Caucasian people who had the same BMI. (2)

What To Do?

The same thing that works for others, will work for you if you find yourself in this category. Eat a nutritionally sound diet, choosing foods that are nutritionally dense. Avoid empty calories, including added sugars. Talk to your physician about how you should get active. Get your rest. Sleep decreases cortisol levels in your body which lead to excessive belly fat. “Make your world small.” (David Yochim) by cutting out the negative influences in your life to decrease your stress. Stress will always raise cortisol levels, even if it comes from someone that you have known your whole life. Don’t be fooled by your good fortune of never having to weigh yourself or be concerned about how you look. If your inside gets unhealthy, it will show everywhere, including in the doctor’s office. Begin to reverse this trend today with your doctor’s help. You are never too young or too old to improve your health. All it takes is a desire and a bit of study. Make yourself a priority and begin to discover life in a healthier body.

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Harbinger Ab Carver Pro Review




Keep It Simple

I’m a purist when it comes to my exercise equipment. I don’t buy into the latest fads that seem to be sold to make getting a great body easy because that can’t happen. If any product is touted as a quick and easy, painless way to get ripped and sculpted, buyer beware! I bought this gadget about 1 1/2 years ago and I have been well-pleased with the contribution  that I believe that it has made to my overall fitness.


One of the best features of this little dynamo, for me, is the fact that it is almost a total body workout. If I am traveling with one piece of equipment, this gadget would compete with my kettle bell. Since I am a weight trainer, I do like some heavy weight but the kettle bell is heavy to transport. This ab trainer is lightweight and travels easily. The handles are removable,u so you can fit it in almost anywhere. If you have a short trip, you can carry this wheel with you and add a little walking for a pretty thorough workout. As you stretch out to extend your reach, you will feel almost every muscle in your body working. As you ascend, I almost guarantee that you will either feel all of them working, or you will swear that you did. It’s a great workout.

New and Improved!

There are more narrow versions around but this newer design enables better side-to-side motion. I believe that this feature has helped me sculpt better oblique muscles in my abdomen. I do a bit of work directed towards my obliques and this wheel is an integral piece of that puzzle.

Spring Assist?

When I first bought this particular model, there was some question about the spring assist function possibly helping too much. Ha. That spring assist enables you to put in more time under tension which is integral to sculpting the abdomen. You can use the old, narrow wheel if you like, but you won’t put in as much time or get the extended range -of-motion that you get with the Harbinger Ab Carver Pro. I have used one of the original wheels but I would never go back to that narrow path of travel or the shorter duration that is inevitable with those wheels.

Ease of Use

The handles are shaped and mounted in an ergonomically-friendly fashion that enables you to focus on your workout, instead of constantly having to reposition your hands and start over. I really like the smooth action that these handles provide. Along with the spring-assist, they smooth out the bumps and allow you to focus on the business at hand instead of the gadget itself. You will only be thinking about getting back up, not fighting with your equipment all the way down and back up. It works with you.

Availability and Price

You can but this wheel at Dick’s Sporting Goods for only $34.99 which is much cheaper than many rip-off gadgets that don’t do what they’re sold to do. This little wheel will do what it says. You can also buy it on their website. You must remember, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” No workout or gadget is going to give you 6-pack abs if they are covered with a layer of fat. If you mind your nutrition and utilize this wheel into your regular workouts, I believe that you will be pleased with your purchase. It’s incredibly durable so I believe that if you make this small investment,  this is something that you will use for years to come with good results. I know that this has been my experience.

Happy rolling!


No Sugar Added Blueberry Quick Bread


Nutritional Info

Calories 248

Protein 7.7 grams

Carbs 11.9 grams

Fat 21.7 grams


2 cups almond  flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup Granulated Swerve (You may use Splenda if you like.)

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 beaten large eggs

1/4 cup melted butter

1 cup fresh blueberries


Preheat oven to 350F.

Grease an 8×4 loaf pan with butter or cooking spray.

Combine the almond flour, salt, sweetener and baking soda and stir in the eggs and melted butter. The batter will be thick.

Spread the batter into the greased loaf pan and press the berries evenly into batter.

Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes or until a toothpick  comes out clean.

Let cool before serving.



Life with COVID


New World

We find ourselves in a different world recently. The threat of contracting this virus is real. We can respond in one of two ways. We can either be paralyzed with fear or find ways to live our best, healthy life in this new environment. From what I understand, this is not expected to go away very soon. I choose the latter

Either Way

Those of you who are dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts know that this life is it’s own kind of hard sometimes. People who are not dedicated to health usually do not appreciate or respect your efforts to be healthy, much less your efforts to look good. Quite often, it’s perceived as merely vain. I present this question, who cares what they think? You will, most likely, be around to bury them. Even with this COVID issue, it’s pretty well accepted that healthier people fight this off better than those with pre-existing health issues. So, the situation exists that we cannot allow this “new” microbe to change our health initiative unless it is to make us more determined than ever to be healthy. With or without this virus in the world, we have to continue with our self-care.

Are You Serious?

Although I’m sure that most of the memes and comments that I have seen are a joke, I also know that most people are continually looking for any excuse that they can find to just quit working out and eating healthy. Sometimes I am shocked at the people who so nonchalantly abandon their healthy eating on a whim and then actually post about it like it’s acceptable. It’s not acceptable. Bad habits are addictive. Everything always looks for the easiest route. Even water will always flow downhill, it’s easier. We know about inertia, a body at rest (or in motion!) tends to remain at rest (or in motion!) until acted upon by an outward force to change it. It is merely a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. It’s a law of nature. You don’t need COVID as an excuse to do nothing, it comes naturally. Yes, the gyms are closed, so what? If you lift weights, find something heavy. If you are a cardio bunny, then either run out your front door or run in your house. The only thing that should determine whether or not you work out is your will to do so. In the aftermath of a tornado outbreak that destroyed everything except my Iron, I stayed in a motel and stacked plastic totes to make a squat rack. Believe me, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I had to eat carry-out for weeks. I bought extra protein and shunned the carbs, still eating sugar-free and high protein and low-carb. I made good progress during that time. Living in a world that has a new virus cannot destroy your health initiative unless you allow it to do so.

Methods to My Madness

I am a healthcare worker. I live in Alabama. Alabama is predicted to have the highest death rate of all the States when this is all done, not the highest number of deaths. The rate is a ratio based on number of cases and population. We are going through this because our brilliant citizens of this fine Southern State would not quit assembling for party time or church when they should. Our stubborn streak is going to kill a lot of people. I am living the same life that I was living before this happened. I eat the same. I work out the same. I lift heavy at home and walk outside. My progress has been wrought with blood, sweat and tears, literally, and no damn rogue virus is going to take that away from me unless it kills me. I have not, nor will I ever, look for excuses to transgress. If you are constantly looking for excuses to quit or give up I find it hard to believe that your progress came as hard as mine has come. Again, this life is not easy but it’s a Hell of a lot easier than being sick or getting old and decrepit. At 63, I’m the nurse that people look for when they need someone physically strong. There is nothing worth giving that honor up. Nothing tastes that good and no level of difficulty in a workout is enough to make me quit. I will progress or die trying. If you can even begin to fathom that this outbreak is any kind of an excuse to gain weight and get flabby, I strongly admonish you to get real with yourself about your motivation.

Nothing has changed. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you still can. I am in “Plague Central” for the States and work in health care almost every single day. It hasn’t changed a thing.

Create Your Life. Be Healthy.

Create Your Life


Now Is the Time

Right now, during this world-wide pandemic when it seems that we almost have no life, is a perfect time to learn how to create the life that you want. I saw a meme that said that falling down is part of life but getting up is living. While we feel like we have fallen into the void, we can learn how to stand up and craft the life that we want. Learning this essential skill will not only help you through this difficult time, it will enable you to live so much better when life returns to the new normal.


Human beings usually resist change. In so doing, we stress ourselves out beyond our limits of tolerance. Life is , by nature, constant change. Every breath is a new beginning. I’ve heard people say things like, “That blood pressure reading can’t be right! My blood pressure was 120/80 last night!” For some reason, they think that their blood pressure is a fixed number. Our blood pressure is different with every heartbeat. Blood pressure is the force that the heart exerts on the arterial walls and it is affected by everything from our emotions to the environment that we find ourselves in at the time that it is taken. We are in a constant state of change. A key component to creating your life is to realize that change is constant. We must not only learn to tolerate it, we must learn to embrace it as a part of the flow of life. Growth is change. Achievement is change. When hard times come, we must find our normal within the abnormal. For me, that’s wearing a N95, covered with another mask to work 8 hours a day. It’s not particularly pleasant, but it can be somewhat amusing because it’s just so ridiculous. I have chosen to flow with it. We look like aliens and struggle for oxygen and are constantly rearranging the things to see but there is some humor in it. It is part of my new normal.

It’s All You, Baby

I get so tired of the “Poor Little Me” mentality. We seem to think that we somehow just deserve a great life without doing anything to achieve it. I can actually remember thinking that way about fitness. I thought that people who were fit were just lucky. I thought that they had good genes that allowed them to live any way that they chose and still be fit and healthy. If you’ve read much of my writing, you will remember “Janice”, the beautiful, fit young woman who ate wisely and exercised and had a knock-out body. When I realized that Janice worked for that body, it began to change the way that I lived. I was very young and that lesson began to change me. I have never again thought for a minute that fitness was just a gift. Even Marilyn Monroe worked out. She lifted weights and minded her nutrition. (If  you don’t know who Marilyn is, google it. You need to know.) Our bodies, just like the rest of our lives are almost always a product of our choices. There are devastating circumstances that can befall any of us that can change this for anyone but unless you have had a devastating event that changed your body or your life, it’s all your decisions that decide what kind of body you will have and what kind of life that you will live with that body. Take responsibility and get the body and life that you want.

Know Yourself

Have you ever known anyone who worked tirelessly but never achieved any substantial goal? That is usually because they have not decided what they want the most. There have been a few times in my life that I had a clear epiphany, those rare moments when you have a crystal clear revelation of exactly what you need to do. In those moments you have a decision to make. Those moments are meant to be life-changing. I have always gone with them. While those insights may take you down a long, convoluted road, they are roadmaps to your heart. It’s in those moments that you have a decision to make. Will you be true to yourself or will you just let that moment of insight drift by, unheeded? I have never let one slip by me. When they come, I act. It creates a path to my goals that is direct instead of wandering around in circles for the rest of my life never finding peace or achieving anything that is truly important to me.  You alone are responsible for your happiness. Make wise decisions that always move you closer to your goals.


When I first began learning how to lift weights, I went to Dick’s and bought a 135# beginner set of weights and a barbell. David said that it wouldn’t be long before I needed more weight. While that was hard to imagine, I believed him. Since I believed him, I worked to do just that. The first time that I deadlifted 100#, I was terrified. Before long, I was buying more weight. It was surreal when I walked into Dick’s and found those extra plates and put them on the counter. Very soon, I was using them.  My original weight set was a standard set and not long after buying those few extra plates, I bought an Olympic set with a barbell that weighs 45#. My first squat at the very beginning of learning to lift was only 35#, including the 15# barbell of the standard set, and it was hard. As I loaded plates onto the Olympic bar the first time to squat, I flashed back to that pitiful first squat and a wave of disbelief flooded over me. I had come a long way. If I had not believed that I could get stronger, I never would have. When we believe that we can do something, we work towards that goal. It’s the work that brings success. The body goes where the mind takes it. Believe big.


Set goals. Once we set goals, our minds will work towards those goals continually until they are realized. Without goals, we only have ideas. If we start on a road trip without a specific destination, we will just wander around and go nowhere. If we decide that we want to see the Grand Canyon before we leave the house, then we will check the map, fill up with gas, make sure that our finances will get us there and back and maybe even plan how to eat healthy and work out on our trip. Know where you want to go and gather your resources to get there. Nothing is as powerful as self-motivation.


If you want a different outcome, number on the scale, level of fitness or better numbers from the lab, change your behavior. Albert Einstein, who was probably smarter than a lot of us, said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I agree and yet, I can remember years of my life that I lived that way. A lot of us do. In this era of profound changes to what we know as normal, make some positive changes to be better. Take the new lessons learned from every day being different now and just let go of old negative behaviors and make the positive changes that will bring you out of this time as a better, more fit, healthier person. Go against the grain. Do healthy.




Fat and Your Future


Evolution of a Society

I started working in long term care facilities, or nursing homes, many years ago. At that time almost all of our residents were elderly people with medical problems. In recent years I worked in two other nursing homes and guess what. A large number of the residents were relatively young, but obese, so obese that they simply could not care for themselves at home. I work in a different environment now, assisted living, where our residents do not have medical problems significant enough to require skilled nursing care. I do not have a single young, obese resident. When a young person becomes morbidly obese they may just skip over assisted living and go straight to a nursing home if their medical problems skyrocket out of control to the point that they require skilled nursing care. Even if you maintain good health into old age, if you are morbidly obese, the day is most likely coming that a nursing home is your only option. Simple tasks of daily living become all but impossible for the morbidly obese if they have medical problems that are even slightly debilitating. Excess weight can make the difference in remaining in your home for your golden years or living in a nursing home. While I do believe that nursing homes are a blessing for those that need them, if I had to choose, I would always choose to live in my home.

The Simple Things

There has been a ill-informed mindset for many years that advanced age always means dependency on others for your personal needs. This is not true. We have accepted this as the norm and it simply is not. We become debilitated by our choices more than anything else. We decide what we will eat and how much exercise and sleep that we get. We may have some genetics that work against us, but even those can be managed in a positive manner. I have known Type 1 diabetics who managed their diabetes well, taking only minimum amounts of insulin. I have also known Type 2 diabetics who managed their diabetes so well with good nutrition and exercise that they took no medications whatsoever. I have also personally known diabetics who ate cake frosting by the tub and spent a lot of their life in ICU. If the latter group lives to old age, they will almost certainly develop medical problems that will make it necessary to live in a nursing home. Some of these people are very young and some of them will be young when they arrive in their home away from home, a long-term care facility. As the amputations begin and mobility begins to slip away, the simple act of taking a shower will require assistance or even complete care. Going to the bathroom may become treacherous, putting the individual at great risk for falls, so even that previously private moment will require someone else to accomplish and that last shred of pride can be taken away. While caregivers are supposed to always protect an individuals dignity, the mere act of requiring help in the bathroom is humbling, to say the least. If you require assistance, then you may not be able to stay in the bathroom alone for your bowel movement. At least you won’t be lonely, right?

Recent Developments

In the year 2000, the percentage of those entering American nursing homes who were moderately to severely obese was 14.7 percent. In 2010, it was 25 percent. In 2018, 28 percent. The most significant increase was among women and the most severely obese residents were among the youngest. The most severely obese residents also suffered more chronic medical conditions. Special equipment is required to handle some of these residents which adds to medical costs. Things that we never consider are routine requirements for the morbidly obese. They even need longer needles and larger blood pressure cuffs. Obesity is expensive. About 30-40 referrals are usually involved in placement for the morbidly obese.


I’ve heard it said that all we’ve got is time. I’ve also heard that time will pass either way. In this context, I take that to mean that as time passes, we will make choices that will create our bodies and lives. So, if we create a bit of our bodies and our lives every day then let’s create something good. I’ll never forget when I first began lifting heavy weights with David training me. I asked him, “How long will “it” take?” … (let that soak in a minute…) He kindly responded, “The rest of your life.” and it will. Every day, living my life at my optimum, healthiest level to build muscle and health will be a lifetime project. Time will pass. I intend to be independent until the day I die at a very old age. That is a goal.


We write at length about avoiding empty calories, which are fattening, nutritional bombs. They pack on the pounds and do not repair your body or provide the nutrients that you need. David wrote an article entitled Obese Yet Malnourished that describes this type of eating. It’s deadly. You will starve and develop all kinds of illness if you live this way. Eat nutrient dense food and be healthy. This is just whole foods, nothing magical. Eat meat and vegetables and avoid added sugars. Simple.


Go to your doctor and get approved to exercise. He can also tell you what exercise is best for you. If you sit on your behind for the rest of your life, there will be way too much behind and not nearly enough life.


Find a way to get some sleep. You can tell if you’re getting enough. When you’re rested, life makes more sense, even the hard times, and you are better able to get through those times. In the good times, you will be able to enjoy them. You will find yourself smiling more and things will just be easier. Catch some ZZZ’s.


With all the troubles that can confront us, this is a tough one. The best way to destress is to have good health habits. They will make you stronger and more confident. Confidence is necessary to get through the hard times. You will have a feeling of control that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even if you can’t control whatever is bothering you, you can think well enough to make strategic plans when you are well-rested. Exercise changes your chemistry to naturally center you in difficult times.

The Rest of Your Life

If you are reading this and you are overweight, with your doctor’s approval, lose the weight. Your mobility and overall health is at risk. In order to remain independent and self-sufficient, you must be healthy. Do you really want to live in a nursing home and depend on others for your most personal needs? I have discovered that life really does get better with age. The trick to that is simply that YOU have to get better with age. When you get better, life gets better. Start today, it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken


Serves 4

Calories 338

Net Carbs 2.3 grams

Fat 17.5 grams

Protein 44.5 grams


4 (6 ounce) chicken breasts, butterflied or pounded

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup guacamole

8 slices bacon

Lay chicken flat and season with salt and pepper and spread 1/4 of guacamole on each and roll up and wrap in two slices of bacon each.

Bake at 400F til bacon is crispy and chicken is cooked, about 20-30 minutes, and broil for a few minutes at the end turning to crisp all the bacon.