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Bathroom Scale Strategy

Bathroom scale strategy is a topic every one of us who have lost weight is familiar with. Even if we will not admit it, we still know this to be true. If you’re new to weight loss, you will soon begin practicing the same rituals as those who came before you. These rituals and strategies just come natural to all of us, much like a hidden sense. The more desperate we are to lose weight, the sooner the little scale manipulations begin to appear. We veterans of weight loss already know all of the little tricks you will incorporate each time you weigh.

The Demon Inside

We all will develop a bathroom scale strategy in short order. The bathroom scale is a manipulator, it almost seems to have a little demon inside of it. This little contraption that lays on our bathroom floor will do its best to entrap our mind into the world of the insane. This little demon can be beat, but at times its seems like impossible odds are stacked against us. It is absurd that we do our best to beat this electronic, or mechanical beast with newfound bathroom scale strategies. But we all will fall into this trap. We will step on and off the scale, until we are satisfied with the lowest number.

I have heard of people stepping onto their scale fully clothed, and then removing items of clothing to lower the reading. Another common practice is to step upon the scale very gingerly, and then shift our feet for the optimal reading. Have you ever thought about the insanity the scale brings to us, that we would resort to doing the ridiculous? Our bathroom scale strategies may make sense in the moment, but can you comfortably explain them to a friend? Probably not, especially when it comes to evacuating your body of all waste before weighing yourself.

Bathroom scale strategy you should use.

I personally recommend you only weigh yourself once per week only and then watch for a trend. The trend of course, is a lowering of the numbers. You should pick a day and time to regularly weigh yourself, and then stick to to it. For the best accuracy, you should weigh yourself first thing in the morning before getting dressed. Step onto your scale, read the number, then step off and record it. Do not step on and off, take the reading at face value. Record your number and then get on with your day without letting the little demon inside the scale manipulate you.

Remember, at the end of the month if you see a drop from the beginning of the month, you are on track. If not, simply readjust your caloric needs, you are still consuming more than your body requires. That downward trend tells the full story of your progress, not a small blip of a weight increase because of water retention.

What if I prefer to weigh daily?

Well, this is something that many, if not most people prefer to do. While I do not feel this is necessary, nor helpful, many are going to do so anyhow. I accept this, and have a recommendation for you to follow. If weighing yourself daily is your bathroom scale strategy, then still be consistent in the time and day when you weigh yourself. Be consistent in how you dress for your weigh in.

Step upon your scale, read the number and then step off and record your number in a log. At the end of seven days, find the median number for the week. Not the average, but the median which is going to be the one right in the middle of the higher and lower readings. Keep this number for watching weight trend. At the end of the month, simply compare the median number from the first of the month to the last median number of the month. If the last is smaller, then you are on the right track. If it is larger, or has stalled, then simply lower your daily calorie consumption by 250 to 500 calories.

Keep it simple!

The key to having a bathroom scale strategy is to keep it simple and sane. Simple and sane lowers the stress of weighing. Remember, you did not gain weight over night, you are not going to lose it overnight, nor should you. We advocate not losing more than one or two pounds per week maximum. Any more than this, should only be done under a doctors supervision.

Why Rapid Weight Loss Can Be Bad

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Bathroom Scale Self Sabotage

Bathroom Scales: Friend, Foe or Both?

Of course, if one is interested in losing, maintaining, or even gaining weight, bathroom scales are pretty much a must have item. Without scales, we have no way to measure our success, nor do we have a good method of knowing when we need to adjust our nutrition when the weight is not coming down as we hope. But, the scale can also be one of the worse items you can have for monitoring your weight. One of the hugest mistakes you can make when losing weight is to have an erratic approach to weighing yourself. Some dieters lose their blooming minds by jumping onto their scales as often as they open the door to their refrigerator. They will weigh themselves multiple times a day, not out of any kind of rational thought, but more out of a fear that they might once again fail themselves in their weight loss endeavor. Many people will weigh themselves after every time they go to the bathroom to see if they lost any weight. Many will weigh after each meal in order to see if they gained. None of this constant weighing will give you any tangible information that will help you over the long haul. All that constant weighing will accomplish is to drive you mad, it will add to your stress, which will once again lead you to the refrigerator or pantry.

What I advise, and what I do for myself is to only weigh one time per week at the very most. I get up on Saturday morning and step up on my scale one time and see what it reads and then step off. No matter what the scale reads, I do not get back onto it. I note the number and move on with my day. I do not react to the numbers unless I see a trend of it either rising or going lower over the course of about four to six weeks. One high reading is nothing, one high reading can simply be a result of water retention because something I ate had a little higher sodium content than what I normally consume.

Are you aware of how much your body weight can fluctuate just by water retention?

I have seen my own weight fluctuate by as much as nine pounds in a single day.

When you weigh yourself too often to judge your success or failure with weight loss, you are setting yourself up for aggravation or a false sense of success. You might experience critical self judgement based on a momentary reading, or, you might believe you can cheat a little because you have done so well for the week.  If you begin having self doubt over a temporary gain, or begin creating a reason to reward for a significant loss, you are only setting yourself up for failure. It is the trends that matter, not single readings.

Skip the scale ballet!

If you are the type who weighs too often, you have likely done what I call the “scale ballet”. The “scale ballet” is where you try to coax your scale into giving you the best reading when you step onto it. You might try stepping onto it very gingerly, you might try balancing your self fore or aft to manipulate the reading, you might even try keeping some of your body weight off of one foot as if this is going to help bring the weight down. Given that bathroom scales can be off in their accuracy, you are only hurting yourself by doing the “scale ballet”. Here are a couple of considerations if you are prone to doing this:

By trying to cheat the scale, you are only cheating yourself.

If your scales can be manipulated by how you stand on them, you need to chuck them in the trash and buy good scales that are accurate.

Stay Focused on being SMART!

Set yourself a “Specific” weight loss goal that focuses more on your level of body fat as a percentage of your weight rather than on a random number you would like to see on the scale.

Make tracking towards your goal “Measurable” in more than one way. Of course you want to see the number on the scale go down, but pay more attention to how you look and how your clothing fits. Your percentage of body fat matters far more than the number on the scale.

Make your long term goal “Achievable” by setting yourself many short term goals in order to get there. If you need to lose one hundred pounds, you need to only focus on ten pounds at a time. But, at some point your focus will need to shift to your overall body fat rather than your actual weight.

Make your goal be “Realistic”. Focus on being the best that you can possibly be rather than trying to be like someone you saw in a movie or on Instagram. It serves no good purpose to set yourself up with an unachievable goal. When you are not realistic, you are only setting yourself up for a miserable failure, you will crash and burn every time.

Make an effort to be “Timely” in achieving your goal. No, I am not saying to rush yourself, but you should set yourself up with a reasonable timeline to get to your goal. We recommend you set a goal of one pound per week for weight loss. This is realistic and very doable. But remember, single readings on the scale should not be the reason for making drastic changes to your nutrition and exercise.  It is long term trends that matter, not single scale readings.

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