Jif No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Review

I love peanut butter, I always have. And I have to say, this no added sugar Jif is simply the best. This healthier version of the original Jif brings back happy childhood memories of sitting high up on a tree limb while eating my peanut butter sandwich. While I enjoy other natural peanut butters, I have always had a taste for the creamy types that do not require any stirring before eating. I like that this peanut butter has the same peanut goodness of other creamy brands, yet there is no sugar included in the ingredients. It tastes much like its’ counterpart that does contain sugar, only there is no sweetness to it. This peanut butter also spreads quite nicely and is most excellent when eaten on slices of apple. Another huge bonus with this no added sugar peanut butter is it is entirely diabetic friendly at 7 grams total carbohydrates, minus 3 grams of fiber for 4 grams net carbs. There is only 2 grams of natural sugar to a serving. If you have a diabetic child in your home who is not allergic to peanuts, I cannot think of a better peanut butter to serve them, or even yourself.


I really liked this peanut butter and was totally satisfied.  I highly recommend you go ahead and try it by yourself.  Our local Walmart carries this at $5.97 for a 2 pound jar. It is available at other stores as well so prices may vary slightly.

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  1. We discovered it at Walmart too, and I am very happy with it, using it mainly for sauces and dressings.

    1. David Yochim says:

      I like adding peanut butter to a pot of chili. It’s such a versatile food.

      1. Good idea, thank you, David.

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