Cabot Greek Yogurt Whole Milk Plain Yogurt Review


Simply The Best

Years ago, I started eating Greek yogurt because I read about a study that said that it would increase fat metabolism. The problem was, the yogurt that I was eating was pretty bad. It tasted like spoiled milk. It was only about two years ago that I discovered that whole milk, full fat, Greek yogurt tasted a whole lot like cream cheese, without the sour taste of spoiled milk.

Texture and Consistency

This yogurt not only tastes like cream cheese, it has the consistency of cream cheese. It’s thick and creamy and smooth as silk. I always stir yogurt and stirring this one takes some muscle. When you get it stirred, it’s a creamy delight.



Because this yogurt is quite neutral in flavor, you can use your choice of add-ins. I love peanut butter powder and nuts with a zero calorie sweetener. If you add Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup, Saigon Cinnamon and nuts, you get a delicious take on a wet-nut sundae. You can even add Swerve Brown if you like, for a richer sweet taste. Crystal Light will give it a fruity flavor in any number of flavor combinations. One of my favorites is Raspberry Lemonade. With all of the Crystal Light flavors available, you can have a different sundae every day. I love lemon flavors for about everything and Crystal Light has more than one lemon flavor. You can add fresh fruit or berries with or without the Crystal Light and bulk the yogurt up and add a good dose of fiber, just as the nuts will do. I have also added a zero calorie sweetener and lemon juice for a mock lemon pie. Liquid Vanilla Splenda can give it a good flavor in a flash.


With only 230 calories for a 3/4 cup serving, 9 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of protein this yogurt is a nutritional gold mine. It has 25% of the calcium that you need in a day and it’s filling and satisfying enough to keep you from eating for a couple of hours. Calcium actually boosts our core temperature, which may prompt our bodies to burn fat. (1) Just make sure to control the number of calories that you eat otherwise to get this thermogenic effect. Use the Calorie Counter Pro to determine your caloric needs. Always consult your doctor before beginning any nutritional program.


Availability and Price

I buy this yogurt at Walmart for $3.98. Considering the high nutritional value and the 5 servings per container, it’s truly an affordable addition to your grocery list.

This is an item that I always have on hand. I hope that you give it a try.







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  1. Sounds delicious! I eat plain Fage Greek yogurt. It’s very high in protein and low in calories. I stir in cereal or just eat it plain. Greek yogurt is the best!

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      I really like Fage Greek Yogurt myself! That’s the brand that I ate before starting to buy this. Excellent choice, Frieda! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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