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Ab Doer 360

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Wow, just think, for three easy payments of $66.65 or one payment of $199.95, you too can have an Ab Doer 360 (or damn fancy office chair) to hang your laundry from too.

Why would you hang laundry from this fancy chair masquerading as a piece of fitness equipment you may ask? The answer is simple, you are going to be disappointed with your results from using it in very short order. Once you figure out that you have been had, you are going to put it somewhere where you might want to hang your clean laundry.  Another use would be as an extra chair when you have company over for dinner if you do not have enough to go around. Just be sure Grandma knows that it will tilt in any given direction before she sits in it.

What I find fundamentally wrong about the Ab Doer 360

The marketer of this piece of junk has a video on their advertisement that presents some bold promises that you will achieve the body you want by using it. The only truthful thing I heard was where they offered a book with nutrition information to help you lose even more weight than if you used the chair by itself.


It does not matter how much abdominal work you might do, if your diet is not on spot, you will never see your abdominal muscles. If you are overweight and considering buying the Ab Doer 360, you had best be prepared to drop your calories to 500 below what your body requires for maintenance. If you do not cut your caloric intake, your tummy is likely to only get larger when the muscle hypertrophy pushes the fat out even more than before. Abdominal muscles are made visible in the kitchen, not in the gym!

Best Exercises for Six Pack Abs!

The advertisement for the Ab Doer 360 has people in great condition using their product. But you should know that no serious athlete would waste their money on this. There are plenty of great abdominal and core exercises that you can do without wasting $199.95 of your hard earned cash.

Ab Doer 360 claims that you will have a total body transformation  faster than ever before through a full body workout that targets your core. They claim it is going to activate more muscles and will massage you all at the same time! You know what they say about things when they are too good to be true, right?

How does the Ab Doer 360 work?

When you watch the video they have on the advertisement, you will see fit people sitting in these chairs, moving about back and forth, side to side, and doing twisting motions. They claim that by doing the workout they provide you that you will burn more calories and build more muscle fast. As a strength trainer myself, I find these claims to be quite dubious. Yes, you might burn more calories than you would just sitting there like a lump, but you will also burn more calories than a couch potato if you are naturally fidgety.

Core Strength Development for Newbies

The bottom line truth is, if you have never been one to exercise, it is highly unlikely you will remain interested in a wobbly chair to get fit. As for muscle building, this is simply not going to do it for you. It takes hard work to build muscle at any age. If you are out of shape, the Ab Doer 360 is not going to get you even toned, especially if you do not have a corresponding change to healthier nutrition choices that come in below your actual caloric needs to remain at the same body weight.

Why Sit-ups Enlarge Your Gut

Consult your doctor before buying the Ab Doer 360!

I tell everyone to always consult with their doctor before beginning any new exercise regiment. And with the Ab Doer 360, I think it may be even more prudent for you to get clearance from your doctor before using one. The reason is, this contraption is not targeted at people who have been serious about physical fitness.

The Ab Doer 360 is designed to appeal to one who wants to begin an easy exercise routine since they are out of shape. If you are overweight and out of shape, all the twisting and bending you would do could be harmful to your back. This would be especially true for anyone who has already had a history of back problems beforehand.

If you are overweight and out of shape, my best advice to you is to save your money. You do not need a wobbly chair in your life. What you need is to begin daily walks with your doctors approval, and to clean up your nutrition. Once you have built up a little endurance, then think about adding simple body weight exercises to your daily walks. There is no need to waste your money.

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  1. Sally DiGiorgio says:

    I have purchased 4 abdoer 360 units over the years. 2 were gifts and 2 were for my use. Both of my units had a design malfunction where the swivel seat actually broke off (once while I was using it). I have been unable to get anyone from the abdoer organization to help. In fact I can’t even find a real contact. Such a disappointment.

    1. David Yochim says:

      Wow, I’m sorry you had this experience but surely do appreciate you sharing your experience both with us and our readers.

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